Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Being Home, Wherever That May Be

Sometimes you are doing just fine and then you are sitting in your coworkers office and tears start streaming down your face as you talk about college and all the things you miss about it and the ocean and California and your family. Sometimes you just don’t realize that deep down in those far away parts of your heart and soul you are so desperately missing home. You are pinning for something that you haven’t even allowed yourself to think about. Because it is oftentimes easier to just not even go there, because when you do that’s when the days get tough and the clouds come out and you are just wondering why you live in this awful good for nothing city on the wrong side of the country…because lets be real the West Coast is most definitely the best coast.

Hours later you will be reminded that this city isn't so bad. That you have built relationships here. That there are people who have come into your life who you care deeply about. That there have been adventures and joyous occasions in this city. That there is a church that you love, one that makes you eager for Sunday mornings and those few moments of peace. That this is the place where national decisions are made (or more often than not just argued about) and at that is really cool. That you love the rain and the snow and the falling of the leaves that comes with the change of the seasons. That although you would prefer the world to be black or white and good or bad, that it really isn't. And a little bit of your heart has come to call the nation’s capital home despite your best efforts at disliking it.

And that is okay.

Because regardless of where you were born and raised the place where you are should be home. You should embrace it. You should learn the names of the streets in your neighborhood and find a favorite taco place and get involved in your community. You should make friends and host potlucks and find a park to enjoy a Spring picnic in.

And when you really truly miss it. You should fly west. Because that is okay too. Because embracing a new place doesn't mean you have let go of your past or your history. It simply means embracing the place where life has currently taken you. It means building a life and a home right where you are. It means being present in the everyday and looking forward and not hiding in the past.