Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farewell Ms. Boat

Back in December I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Ms. Boat. 
This little Toyota Sienna Minivan had been my dear friend for a number of years. 
But my parents decided it was time to let her go. 
Mainly cause her "organs" were starting to fail.
I like to think she is with a good family now and that she didn't get sold for parts. 

I distinctly remember the day we got this car. 
I was 7 (well that might be a lie...I use the word distinctly very loosely).
Well any who my parents had been gone all day
 (might have been only an hour or two...details..)
But it was dark outside. That I know for sure. 
Us three kids were waiting by the windows in the living room for them to get home. 
This new car was a big deal. 
See there are five us and we use to regularly drive the eight hours to my grandparents in Northern CA
and this car was going to change everything. 
There would be air conditioning...and so much space!!!!!!!!!! 
When my parents finally arrived to the house us kids ran out in our pajamas and all and we all hopped right in and went for a little ride around the block. It was pretty exciting!!!! 

I learned to drive in Ms. Boat. 
She was my high school car and served as the basketball team bus. 
Ms. Boat and I then went to college together. 
Now a minivan in high school is pretty embarrassing but when you get to college it is an asset. 
Because you can fit a lot of drunk people in one. A LOT! 
But it is also great for trips to the beach and for helping friends move. 
For trips to Target, drive in movies, trips to camp and nighttime outings to the local fro yo shop. 
This dear minivan was good to me. 

Now I do hold is slightly responsible for my lack of dates in high school. 
Cause as my track coach so nicely put it, guys don't check out minivan drivers. 
Understandable...since you know they are typically moms.
But that is okay cause I personally think you have to be one cool cat to pull off the minivan look. 

And now I have a miniature wind up blue Prius. 
It came with a bow and all. 
It does't hold much because it is a toy and all. 
But it consistently travels a good three feet at a time and could probably entertain a small child for a few minutes. These are the things that matter!

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