Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All Things Loved/ Vol. 1

Since the title of this blog is All Things Loved. I figured it was about time to start sharing some of the things that I love with you. So each week (fingers crossed) I am going to share a list (I mean who doesn't love a good list) of some of the things I am loving right now. The plan is that these lists will be themed, but eventually I will probably run out of clever (or not so clever) themes and then you will just get a mix up of random things (but that's fun too, right?).

Whew, glad you all agree!

Now you might be asking yourself what is she going to start with first....there are so many options...well I am going to be super adventurous and start with blogs. yay! Super exciting! But the thing is I love blogs (hence why this little guy came to be). I regularly bring them up in conversation with friends...wow that came out sounding way weirder than I expected. In fact I remember one instance where I insisted on showing my mom baby photos from one of my favorite blogs and she just needed to clarify the fact that I was making her look at a baby whose parents I did not actually know but rather sort of "followed" online...Have you ever really thought about how creepy blogs are...I mean you are kind of asking to be stalked....but in a good way that can be inspirational and can build community with awesome people all around the world.... there are so many great projects and recipes and products and super cute instagram feeds that come out of blogs.

My blog obsession developed after I returned home from study abroad and was in desperate need of some serious inspiration and an opportunity to see beauty and happiness in the world.... Reverse culture shock is real guys. And after traveling Europe for months Southern California suburbia can be real ugly and sad looking.

So here we go...

1. Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess are absolutely amazing. They do everything...but seriously everything! They even have an app (two as of this week!). ABM is a great place check for really neat DIY projects and fun recipes. If you are like me and don't have a home it can also make you have some serious home envy. This blog alone has provided tons of entertaining conversation for Erin and I....We have some very strong opinions about some of their projects but mostly we are just super inspired by what they do.

2. Kendi Everyday is really a style blog but I read it mostly for Kendi's comments at the bottom of each post. She is pretty funny and has no problem admitting to everyone that even though she posted a really fancy outfit over the weekend, she actually spent the weekend in the her sweats. A girl after my own heart. Kendi and I are kindred spirits.

3. Naomi from Love Taza makes living in the BIG City with two little ones look super easy and enjoyable. She and her entire family have really great style. When I started reading Love Taza it was just her and her husband and now she has a daughter and a son and baby number three is on the way.

4. Sydney from The Daybook has the most precious baby boy ever. Similarly to Love Taza, when I started reading The Daybook there were no kiddos to be seen and it was more of a style blog of sorts. And now it has sort of evolved into the adventure of mama and son, which is nice too.

5. Megan and Mike are a married couple who run a design firm and the blog The Fresh Exchange. When you need to see beautiful photographs go here. They split there time between Traverse City, MI and Raleigh, NC. Pretty much The Fresh Exchange makes me want to jump on a boat with some friends and have a picnic at sea. Enough said.

6. Joy the Baker is awesome. And pretty much Joy and I are meant to be best friends. She just doesn't know it cause you know we actually don't know each other at all. She bakes amazing things. For real friends I made these Peach Cobbler Scones once and they were melt in your mouth phenomenal. I am so not ashamed of the fact that I ate two of them hot out of the oven. She also has this really awesome  podcast with Tracy from Shutterbean (see below) where they talk about all sorts of practical things such as baking, blogging and what to wear to your next work pool party.

7. Sometimes you just need to see pretty things. Cupcakes and Cashmere is an excellent place to just look and beautiful clothes and other nice things. Emily lives in LA and has excellent style and she wears a lot of white so either she eats way less red sauce then me or she just is a way classier lady than I am (my money is on the latter).

8. Just in case you needed any inspiration to redo your entire home and buy lots of really unique artisan pieces of home furnishings and decor Design Sponge is the place to go. The Before + After section is my favorite. Let me just say if you are already addicted to HGTV well then you will absolutely love Design Sponge. No commercials and no children's rooms that are hideously themed.

9. Tracy from Shutterbean is the other half of the Joy the Baker podcast and really I just love her blog design (cause it looks like a chalkboard and has excellent lettering) and her recipe for Strawberry Infused Vodka because it makes an excellent house warming gift. Also her instagram account is amazing and she does food prep every week, which I admire. I aspire to be like her and plan my meals in advance.

10. Bridge & Burn isn't actually really a blog (in that it isn't like the ones listed above, no words just pictures), more so it is a tumblr page associated with the clothing brand Bridge & Burn. But they post some lovely images that make me want to grab my handy canoe (that I don't actually have) and just head right on over to the Pacific Northwest where I am likely to meet some very attractive young men with beards and flannel button downs all while wearing hunters, a lovely coat and a top knot.

Well there you go my friends. Now I would like to mention because I do think the whole blog thing is kind of weird I am one of those blog followers who does not feel compelled to comment on any of these blogs or their corresponding instagram accounts. So I really really don't know any of these people. I am not even friends with them on Facebook. (Which actually kind of makes the whole thing even stranger, right????).

Anywho Happy Stalking Reading!!!!

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