Friday, June 27, 2014

life lessons

Yesterday I fell down an escalator.
(I figure  a picture really isn't, I think your imaginations will do just fine)

See here is the thing. 
I am a rule follower. I pretty much always have been.
So for the most part I haven't had to learn life lessons the hard way. 

But you see I was just so excited at the sight of my dear friend and instead of finishing up my trip up the escalator and then taking the down escalator to meet her at the bottom.
I quickly looked behind me and decided to run down the up escalator. 

I know what you are thinking. 
(why would you do something so stupid???)
But it just seemed way more efficient.
(also I am convinced that my GIS class this past semester killed some of my brain cells....
so its not really my fault??????????? right?) 

And slightly adventurous
 (I really like to live on the edge)
And you know what I see twelve year olds do it all the time and they are just fine. 
Well it turns out that it is much harder than it looks.
And anytime I see a twelve year old running the one wrong way on an elevator I will first act like an old lady and tell them to stop it cause they will hurt themselves...and then give them mad props for being way more skilled then me.

Well any who.....I fell.
And did some sort of awkward summer salt....arms flailing and all.
It was not cute...nor graceful. 
In fact I am not sure there is a way to fall off an escalator gracefully. 
Plus I am not really that graceful to begin with, I have a ballet teacher from fourth grade who will happily testify to that. 

But the benefit of living in a city where people are super absorbed in their own lives and their cell phones is that no one really I guess that's nice. 

There was no permanent damage done...just a few bumps and bruises. 

But I did learn something yesterday. 
Up elevators are meant for just that.
Going up! 

Well friends here is a little reminder, when you decide to be spontaneous and adventurous, 
I suggest you do it away from moving machinery.