Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dreams do come true...

After my parents headed back to CA and i spent a few days recovering from the overwhelming excitement of graduation i jumped on a plane (that makes it sound way more spontaneous and adventurous then it actually was...this was a planed trip...but that doesn't make it any less of an adventure) and headed south to visit my cousin Adam in Florida. 

My cousin Adam and I are just one month apart in age (I am older) and despite the fact that his family lives in Wisconsin and mine in CA we have managed to stay pretty close after all of these years. 

After finishing school last year he got a job and moved to Florida. 
It is so strange that we are old enough that I went and visited him, not his family, but just him. 
The fact that he has a big kid job and apartment and car is all very astonishing to me. 
We have always been kids. 
But now we are starting to transition into our adult lives.

Did I say adult???
Cause naturally we went to Disney World.

Let's just take a second and talk about dreams. 
We all have dreams.
Well I have always dreamed about going to Disney World. 
Now I grew up right by Disneyland and I spent lots of time there with my mom and friends. 
In fact it is one of my favorite places in the world. 
While I still think Disneyland is awesome. Disney World is about four times the size. 
It is so amazing! 
There really aren't even words to begin to explain my excitement and enjoyment. 

(no photos either, cause in my excitement i failed to take pictures, and i was trying to manage to not look completely ridiculous....i don't think all the clapping from excitement helped) 

We didn't get to spend to much time there because I was only visiting for the weekend. 
But mark my words I will go back.....
In fact I was thinking to myself maybe I don't need to stay in DC maybe I should just move to Florida and work at Disney World and then I could go there every single day. 
But then I remembered one thing. 

So back to DC I went, not before picking some blueberries of course. 

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