Thursday, May 29, 2014

honey and lemons

On Tuesday I woke up with a majorly sore throat. 
What's funny is I knew it was coming I could tell Monday night so I did the smart thing and found my stash of peppermint lifesavers and told myself that those would make it all better. 

Well that didn't work. So now I am enjoying cups and cups of honey and lemon juice. 
Luckily I don't mind it. 

It just seems wrong to catch a cold at the beginning of summer. Almost as if the universe just shouldn't allow it. There is too much fun to be had and too much sunshine to be enjoyed 
But none the less every single May/June I catch a cold. It's just my curse in life. I have actually sort of enjoyed it this time. Since I don't have anywhere I have to be right now I could actually take the time to cuddle up inside my house and slow down. Sometimes we need our bodies to force us to get large quantities of sleep and hydrate. So I made myself a giant pot of chili and I have been reading and job searching and enjoying the wonders of summer storms. 

It's not so bad staying inside when you have the sound of rain to in the background. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dreams do come true...

After my parents headed back to CA and i spent a few days recovering from the overwhelming excitement of graduation i jumped on a plane (that makes it sound way more spontaneous and adventurous then it actually was...this was a planed trip...but that doesn't make it any less of an adventure) and headed south to visit my cousin Adam in Florida. 

My cousin Adam and I are just one month apart in age (I am older) and despite the fact that his family lives in Wisconsin and mine in CA we have managed to stay pretty close after all of these years. 

After finishing school last year he got a job and moved to Florida. 
It is so strange that we are old enough that I went and visited him, not his family, but just him. 
The fact that he has a big kid job and apartment and car is all very astonishing to me. 
We have always been kids. 
But now we are starting to transition into our adult lives.

Did I say adult???
Cause naturally we went to Disney World.

Let's just take a second and talk about dreams. 
We all have dreams.
Well I have always dreamed about going to Disney World. 
Now I grew up right by Disneyland and I spent lots of time there with my mom and friends. 
In fact it is one of my favorite places in the world. 
While I still think Disneyland is awesome. Disney World is about four times the size. 
It is so amazing! 
There really aren't even words to begin to explain my excitement and enjoyment. 

(no photos either, cause in my excitement i failed to take pictures, and i was trying to manage to not look completely ridiculous....i don't think all the clapping from excitement helped) 

We didn't get to spend to much time there because I was only visiting for the weekend. 
But mark my words I will go back.....
In fact I was thinking to myself maybe I don't need to stay in DC maybe I should just move to Florida and work at Disney World and then I could go there every single day. 
But then I remembered one thing. 

So back to DC I went, not before picking some blueberries of course. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

and just like that I am done...

it is a really weird feeling when two years of craziness comes to an end just like that. 
it seems so long ago that i started applying to grad programs during my last semester of undergrad. 
grad school seemed like the perfect solution to post grad. 
it would give me two years to figure out what would come next. 
well now i am here and i don't have any better of an idea. 
i have learned and seen so much in the last two years. 
i moved every four months. i made a bunch of new friends
 (tropical diseases encourage fast passed bonding unlike anything else). 
and i learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much! 

but sometimes more is just overwhelming. my idea of what is right and wrong in this world has been turned up side down and is now far from black and white and everything single line has been blurred. 
i look at job descriptions and question wether or not the organizations and companies are ones that i would be okay working for...and when i say okay i mean if morally and ethically i could feel okay about how an organization is funded and who they choose to work with. 
i guess the big thing is i have realized that the world is really complicated. 
and that there is a whole lot of gray out there.

now, overwhelming it isn't all bad. 
what it means is that i have the opportunity to find a job that isn't just a paycheck 
but something bigger. 
i have the ability to find an organization whose mission i believe in
 and whose work i am passionate about.
i have no idea what is ahead for me. 
but i am looking forward to figuring it out and having you all along for the ride. 

and on a good note i have tons of free time to actually spend some quality time on this little blog of mine, which will make my family and friends back home real happy. 

did i mention this semester was crazy????
it was real crazy and it kicked my butt.
i am very sorry i failed at blogging this semester but lots did happen and i am excited to spend some time updating this little space and figuring out what it means to me and how we are going to move forward together.  

one of the best parts of the end of the semester was all the handwritten love i received. 
when life get's crazy and you are asking yourself why you are doing this, there is nothing better than coming home to a stack of cards from the people who love and support you. 
during my last two weeks there were many days when i came home to mail that was just
 what i needed to keep going. there was also a pretty epic care package that included crayons and a glittery graduation cap head band (don't worry i will post pictures of it!). 

i also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to mail a bunch of thank you postcards in response. 

another good part of graduation was that after years of being friends this girl and i finally took a decent picture together. it is amazing that in this world of selfie craziness we did not have a decent photo together (now this is probably due that we alternate who wears yoga pants and a bun when we hang is usually my turn). 

it was so wonderful to have my dear friends and parents here with me in DC to celebrate the end of a very intense journey and the beginning of a new one. 

there will be lots more pictures and updates to come. 

thank you for waiting patiently as i finished grad school and for letting 
me share this adventure with you.