Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Here in DC it is SNOWING!!!!


I have seen lots of snow in my day.
But there is something extra special about it snowing in my city.
The place that I currently call home is dusted with fresh white powder.
Snow is just one of the most wonderful things.
There is something about it that is just so serene and peaceful.
Like the world around you is whispering something special to you.
You just have to make sure you listen.
Cause it might all melt away by morning.

Here in DC. Things start to shutdown after about an inch of snowfall.
Snow is serious business. . . ???!

I didn't actually have class today or my internship so the fact that it snowed and AU shut down campus had little real effect on me.
But it gave me some sort of freedom for the day.
And so..
I took full advantage of my snow day.

I walked to Georgetown.
Which probably was a silly idea since the snow actually picked up and it got decently cold.
But I figured that all those Wisconsin winters had toughened me up.
So I survived.
I found myself a new pair of running (lets be real....walking) shoes.
Naturally they are blue.
And I bought a Sprinkles Red Velvet cupcake to eat for lunch.
Cause of course if it is snowing out that means you should disregard all nutritional guidelines.
I made the last shuttle from the metro to campus.
Then walked the rest of the way home.

Upon arriving home I made a nice big pot of chili.
Which I will probably eat for dinner every single night this week.
It is delicious!! Especially with a nice big pile of shredded cheese on top.

And besides that I have just been doing random silly little tasks that need to get done.
Like repainting my nails.

But tomorrow is back to business!!
I start my internship in the morning!!!

PS It hasn't stopped snowing!!!
So Exciting!

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