Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in DC

So I know it has been a while. 
Lets be real I am just not very good at this consistent blogging thing. 
I mean we all have skills and this is not mine. 
But in the next few months I am going to try the whole practice makes perfect philosophy...
We will see how that goes. 
In theory it means that I am going to post on here regularly which will make my mom and three other friends who read this very happy. And hopefully it means that I am going to redesign the blog.*

*This will be an adventure. Once upon a time I learned all of these skills and they are listed on my resume but I am a little rusty so I am going to try and get all those magical abilities back through practicing on the blog. So if it starts to look all weird and missed matched and you are confused just be patient it is part of the transitional artistic process (sounds fancy and impressive doesn't it). 

After leaving Costa Rica and spending the holidays at home in CA I am finally back in DC.
And so the end of my grad school experience beings next week. 
Anybody else freaked out by this??
Just me. 

My mom flew out with me to help get me settled here in DC.
Mainly to make sure the apartment I found on Craigslist didn't involve serial killers.**

**not certain we found this out. I mean they are nice people, but then again serial killers could be nice. Right??  Well I am just going to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

It has been nice and chilly here. 
Luckily I already had a massive boot and coat collection. 
Winter clothes are just so much cuter!!! 

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