Monday, October 21, 2013

composting toilets, tears and oreos

First of all sorry it has been a while. 
You should be glad to know that nothing exciting has been happening. 
I have just been in class. 
And reading. 
All day everyday!!! 
(that might be a bit of an exaggeration.....but not much of one) 
but i will try and do better....i promise

so this weekend we went on a field trip to a sustainable ranch/education center. 
it is a super cool place that was started by a couple from the U.S. 11 years ago. 
And all 50 of us met up on friday to take the school bus there. 
Yes this the second largest class i have ever been in. 
Yes we do have school buses in grad school....they are small....its cause we are special 
Yes we did stop for a 45 min bathroom break....lots of girls.....just one bathroom. 

all together the trip was enjoyable. 
i sadly don't have a bunch of awesome pictures to show you,
i had already visited the ranch last semester so i didn't think to take pictures.

now back to the title of this post. 
about 15 of us girls had to stay in overflow housing in a bunk house at a different ranch. 
this other ranch was located .5 kilometers away from our home stead 
there was lots of rain and lots of mud and it ended up being somewhat of a huge mess. 

and you know there are some moments where you just feel the need to cry 
and let me tell you getting up in the middle of night in the pitch black dark and climbing down from the most unstable bunk bed ever and grabbing your rain jacket and flash light to walk in the mud up the hill to the bathroom, which is really an outhouseish place with a lovely view of the rainforest (the view was not lovely in the middle of the night) and sitting your bottom on wood is just the thing to make those tears roll out of your eyes. 
Now shockingly i didn't actually cry (which is really surprising cause i am quite famous for my over active tear ducts) but i thought about crying. 
but i didn't i walked back to my bed and switched my rain jacket for my fleece and climbed back in bed and then slept for three hours and then was woken up by the evilest birds ever. 
i waited about 30 minutes and then i got up. 

and ate oreos.....
when times get cookies 

the view from the yoga deck
i never said it wasn't beautiful 

i would just like to mention that this sign was not visible at night in the poring rain.
who doesn't like a bathroom scavenger hunt??? ...oh

el bano 

the view form the toilet. . .