Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the reason i disappeared for a few weeks

i thought i should give an explanation for why i vanished for the blog world for a few weeks. 

it all started with the worst two days. 

on a happy sunday during my second rowing lesson i did what every rower dreads. 
i flipped my boat. 
what does that mean?
well it means that i went swimming fully clothed in Lake Merritt. 
this was a moment where a year ago i probably would have broken down in tears but i didn't so i am infinitely proud of that. 
i also am very impressed with my ability to tread water.
now i had a lovely audience for this process including my classmates, a random rower from the rowing club, and all of the lovely strangers taking a morning stroll around the lake.
eventually our instructor came back (did i mention she had left us to go and take care of something which is why i ended up treading water for ten minutes cause none of us knew what to do). 
she helped me get back into my boat. and let me tell you that is not a graceful thing to accomplish. 
oh i looked real cute. 
but i survived the whole experience and hopefully i never have to do it again, but if i do at least i know how to get back into a boat. 

after that lovely experience i decided i would wake up early monday morning and make some good old chocolate chip cookies for my office. 

and then this happened. 

yep i learned a really good life lesson. 
you should never leave butter out to soften on a stove with a pilot light. 
because it melts into a disgusting mess.
i definitely did not make cookies this morning. 

and that same day i learned another wonderful lesson. 

toaster ovens and microwaves are wonderful. 
but they should never be used at the same time. 
yep that's right i blew a fuse at my office. 
this really wasn't that big of a deal. 
but when everything seems to not go your way in a 24 hour period it just makes you unhappy. 
and leads you to not want to blog about anything. 

the following weeks i had lots of wonderful adventures. 
my good friends visited, i turned 23, i ended my internship and drove back home. 
but all of this was crazy and left little time for updating you. 
so i will do my best to tell you all about it before things start to get exciting here. 

thanks for sticking with me! 

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