Saturday, September 14, 2013

Outside Lands

on saturday we went to the Outside Lands music festival. Outside Lands is a three day music festival held in Golden Gate Park and it is quite elaborate and a huge section of the park including the polo field, is turned into it's own little world. 

we were afraid that there would be way too many hipsters there and we wouldn't fit in.
but surprisingly enough there were tons of normal people (and not so normal people). 

here are some pictures from the day! 
it was tons of fun, there was so much good food and food music and lots of time to catch up and chat about life. 

aren't we just the cutest!
there is another picture of us where my eyes are completely black, it is super creepy. 
hence why i am not sharing it with you cause it definitely makes me look devilish. 

magically all of the performers we wanted to see were scheduled for the same stage. 
when we first go there it was pretty empty, which amazes me. cause tickets were definitely not cheap and one would think you would want to be there for every little bit. but i guess not. 

There were a ton more performers at four different stages. But we were definitely happy with our choices. We have actually seen Milo Greene twice opening for The Civil Wars and The Tallest Man on Earth opening for Mumford and Sons during our concert filled senior year at CLU.   

here is the "land" that was created on the polo field. it housed the main stage (that Paul McCartney played at the night before) and had a large number of vendors. it has had these weird bubble like tents for DJS which looked like a wonderful place to get drugged or shanked, needless to say we skipped those. 

so the food was amazing. and there were lots of options. not only that they created an app for the event that had an interactive map that could tell you where you were. and told you the locations of each food truck and their menu and reviews from other festival goers. 
we got fried mac and cheese to eat while we were waiting in line for pizza. 
these were absolutely delicious and nutritious (maybe not???)

and then there was this pizza truck. probably the coolest thing ever (might be an exaggeration, but it is pretty close) it had a stone oven inside of the truck. the pizza was definitely worth the wait. 

i mean just look at this beauty, it was so delicious. 

so the festival was almost a theatrical production. they created different lands that offered different attractions and food types. (side note: one was super creepy and we tried to avoid walking in it, if it had been dark and empty i would have feared for my life, and no i did not take pictures.) my favorite was chocolands. there was also a section that just had lamb food trucks (i was not a fan of that, poor little babies) but chocolate, i am all for chocolate. 

here were all of the options. 

this was the liquid chocolate truck. yes there are men in there freshly melting chocolate. 
it definitely felt like charlie and the chocolate factory come to life. 

Erin and I both ended up getting these monstrous smores. 
they were soooo good and zoo chocolatey and they had caramel too.

after we finished our adventuring we headed back to the stage to see our last two performances. it was a tad bit more crowded. we ended up sitting up on a hill which provided us a great view of the crowd. 

which was quite entertaining 

there was this little gem. the man which a unicorn hat on. 
people kept walking by and taking pictures with him. 
he just laid there for a good 20 minutes. 
it was great. 
there was also this girl who was insanely skilled with a hool-a-hoop. 

the stage was pretty in the dark. it also started to drizzle just a little bit.

we magically managed to squeeze on to the bus to take us back to the BART. 
and during the bus ride i found like lovely sign. 
it tells you a lot about a city. 
i also appreciate the note in fine print reassuring people that marijuana addiction is a real thing. 

all together. it was a wonderful day and quite the adventure. 
and now i really want to eat some more of that pizza. 
unfortunately quality pizza in Costa Rica is quite limited. 

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