Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Muir Woods Take 2

On Monday morning we had this great grand plan to go to Mama's in SF (which we missed the day before) and then drive across the Golden Gate bridge and then head north to Muir Woods. 
But there was one tiny problem. 
You see I didn't have a car with me in SF. 
So I borrowed my friends and it just so happened that this was the day it decided 
to get sick and have AAA pay a little visit. 
So our plans had to be changed a bit. 
We didn't make it to Mama's or the bridge. 
But I did get to take Erin to the Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley.
And eventually the car situation was made all better and we got to drive to Muir Woods. 
Thankfully Tricia had an amazing CD collection in her car.
So while driving the blue VW bug we sang a long to the Grammy nominees from 2003. 
I highly suggest that album. 

To say that we enjoyed our time there is a major understatement. 
It has been quite some time since I laughed that hard and that much. 
Now there were signs that said to be quiet.
But we didn't really pay attention to those. 
And so we laughed a lot. 
A LOT!!!!!
And it was absolutely wonderful. 
And there really aren't the right words to explain it. 
So I will let the pictures do all the talking. 
And let me tell you these are just a few of them. 
The rest of them were slightly to ridiculous to share. 

^^^ P.S. This is my favorite. ^^^


It was an absolutely wonderful morning. 
It just felt like a different time and space. 
And driving down from the hill we saw the most amazing fog. 
It was literally rolling past us off a cliff. 
There are so many things that just amaze me. 
This world that we live in is so magical and never ceases to surprise and mesmerize me. 

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