Sunday, September 29, 2013

love on public transportation

this past summer i spent some time just about every morning on BART
here in Costa Rica I take the public bus all the time
and I spent lots of time on the Metro back in DC

and i always wonder the same thing...
what was public transportation like pre-cell phones (mainly iPhones)

(also lets just take a minute to discuss how crazy it is that i usually still have cell phone service when going under the bay...i mean underwater...and in case you were wondering you can't see the fishies..such a disappointment)

okay back to the point....(sometimes i get a little lost)
now a days everyone has there head in their phone and no one really bothers to say hello or even give a friendly smile because they aren't actually in the moment they are off in some weird place.
and so they miss the fact that their friend from high school is sitting two rows down or that there colleague from work has been taking the same train as them for two years.

even more so...did people use to fall in love on public transportation.
just think of it a lot can happen in a thirty minute metro ride.
and before with nothing else to do but maybe read a book.
how more likely were you to spark up a conversation with a stranger before the era of earbuds.
and where might that conversation have led.

how many people met their soul mates on the bus??
{now thanks to too many seasons of criminal minds i am aware you could also befriend a serial killer on the bust...but maybe he just needs a friend and doesn't plan on locking you in his basement (too naive??? i prefer to say optimistic, yep my friendly conversation is what would keep me from being kidnapped by a serial killer) see what i mean about getting lost sometimes}

well guess what even in this modern technology obsessed if it doesn't happen on facebook its not real world people still fall in love on the bus..
that's right.

this couple here met on a bus.
and they only had three stops together.
but that was enough to send the boy after her the next day
(yes this might be considered stalking...but hey its true love guys)

and a while later they got married on that same bus that they met on.
(not sure how i would feel about a bus wedding...i bet it is economical though)

just another wonderful story that restores my faith in this world.
that life really is simple
even with all the technology in the world

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