Thursday, September 12, 2013

Giants v. Brewers

for so many reasons my summer in Oakland just felt right. 
it was filled with some important life lessons, wonderful adventures, great time with friends and falling in love with a new city. 

to make it all that much better during my second to last week one of my dearest friends stopped by to visit me. this was the first time that someone flew to see me in my big kid life which just made it that much more exciting. Erin and i had spent all summer planning this trip and creating an itinerary with non-stop adventuring. what resulted was a week of more fun that i could have imagined, filled with so much laughter and joy it was absolutely wonderful. and now i am going to share it with you.

here's my buddy! 

it all started with a baseball game. 

now Erin is actually a fan of baseball. her and her dad are huge Rookies fans. and i am a fan of going to baseball games. they are fun. who doesn't love hot dogs, bright lights, a cheering crowd, and a reason to where color coordinated outfits. 

so Erin's first night in we took the BART {i just want to say a quick thank you to the wonderful mayor of SF (i actually have no idea if he is really wonderful) for making a special request to hold off the BART strike in honor of Erin's visit (pretty sure his decision had nothing to do with Erin's arrival but i thank him just the same) it made most of our adventures possible} into the city and had dinner at my favorite grilled cheese restaurant (i instantly love a city that has more than one restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese). and then headed to AT&T park to watch the Giants and Brewers battle it out. 

although i am technically an Angels fan (because they are the team whose games i went to a ton in high school) my next favorite team (thanks to my Wisconsin roots) is the Brewers, 
so i was very glad that they won! 

also can i just say that AT&T Park is supper cool (of course not as cool as the Angels stadium, i mean there's a waterfall). but still it is right by the water and there are these people walking around with these awesome backpacks full of Ghirardelli hot chocolate, which i personally think is genius. 

it was a really fun night and a great way to start off a wonderful week! 

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