Monday, September 9, 2013

Costa Rica: I'm BACK!!!!

after a wonderful few months in nor cal and two (way to short) weeks at home in fullerton i have found my way back to the great (?) land they call Costa Rica. 

in my opinion those few months back in CA went way too fast 
(and i am sure my parents and friends would agree). 

but the one thing i realized i missed greatly while i was away was my wonderful buddies in my grad school program. to say we all lucked out is a major understatement. for the most part we all like each other, get along and actually enjoy spending time together. which is a miracle. i am very happy that we are back together again (minus the four traitors that switch programs). i hadn't realized how much i missed them all until i saw their lovely faces again. 

i was super lucky to get a direct flight from LAX back to Costa Rica. 
it was slightly strange though because my mom and i are so use to me leaving at wee hours of the morning that we had no idea what to do all day before we left. 
i arrived nice and early on sunday morning in costa rica and manage to remember just enough spanish to guide the taxi director towards my house in costa rica. 
remembering the words for left and right was quite the challenge for me. 
but i made it none the less. 

and then i took this picture. 

you see i didn't have my keys. we left them here with our landlords. 
and my roommate did not wake up to my multiple phone calls to the house.
so i spent some quality time sitting in front of our gate. 
and yes multiple cars did drive by and stare at me like a i was a crazy person. 
but eventually i decided to haul all of my stuff in through the side gate and then sit on the concrete in front of our front door. and eventually our wonderful property manager came running out to me with my keys. i have never been so grateful to see a person in my life. 

you see i didn't really sleep much on the flight. mostly due to the chatty guy sitting next to me. 
he brought his own alcohol. enough said. 

and it was already warm and i was sweaty. 

so i was very grateful to be able to get back into my home. 
and i unpacked immediately and then took an hour long nap.
and then met some of my friends to watch Jurassic Park in 3D at the mall. 
i am all for jumping right into things. 

but can i mention that movie is pretty terrifying. 
i have seen it a quite a few times and i was still quite jumpy. 
you never get use to image of people being eaten up by dinosaurs. 

oh and to add to all of the joy of traveling, i caught a cold my last few days at home. 
and there is nothing like flying and arriving in a humid icky climate when feel terrible. 

oh happy day!!! 
the fun begins
and so does the countdown 
december 16 here i come! 

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