Monday, September 16, 2013

Being a Tourist in SF with Erin

On Sunday Erin and I spent the entire day being tours in San Fran. 
She had a list of places she wanted to see. 
And I had saved a few for her visit. 

It was really fun to adventure around and someone it all ended up working out perfectly. 
I love the size of SF, it really is a small city and besides the change of death by hills you really can walk all over it and cover a lot of ground in one day. 

Our adventure naturally started with breakfast. 
After all it is our favorite meal and it just wouldn't be wise 
(or right) to start an adventure on an empty stomach. 
We had attended to go to Mama's which is suppose to be amazing but the line was obnoxious and we had a full day ahead of us. So we tried a different little spot and it was wonderful. 
Surprisingly I did not take pictures. Weird I know. 

We did take the time to ride the Cable Cars.
They are absolutely wonderful and they dropped us off right by our breakfast destination. 
The line of course was ridiculous, even though we tried to get there early.
While in line we got to hungry so I ran in and bought pre breakfast hash browns 
from Burger King. I am not really a fan of fast food (thats a total lie I love fast food, I mean grease!!!! and potatoes!!! and soda!!! but I know it is bad for you and as someone who studies food culture I am well aware of its badness) but sometimes it just really is so darn great and sometimes you are just starving and you need hash browns! 

And yes I can justify just about anything (wink)!!  

We were super bold and decided to ride the cable car standing on the edge. 
Yep that is as close as i get to living on the edge. 
Let me tell you it is really hard to take pictures when you are holding on for dear life. 

Here is the inside of the car. I am super impressed by the guys who drive these. 
Not a job I would want. 

Such a cute little sign.

We walked up to see Lombard St. 
It was most definitely the most touristy place I went in SF.
There were so many people there taking pictures. 
And it is really pretty. 
But I also kind of just don't get it. 
I mean it's more than a little silly. 

We also went to Coit Tower. 

And we were way to cheap to pay the seven dollars to ride the elevator to the top. 
Also there was a really long line. 
But that is what you get on a Sunday in the middle of Summer. 
So here are some views from outside of the tower. 

We accidentally found the stairs at Telegraph Hill. 
Which was on our list, but we had actually forgotten about. 
So it worked out perfectly. 
I think if I had to live in SF I would want it to be one of the houses along the stairs. 
They are in their own little garden world. 

At the bottom of the stairs we found the Levi Strauss & Co. headquarters. 
Levis are by far my favorite jeans. 

They had their own museum. 
It was super cute. 
The store inside their HQ was awesome also. 
It has a cabin inside of it that held the dressing rooms.
There were a gazillion things that I wanted to buy. 
But I left my money in my wallet and the clothes in the store. 

They also had some amazing couches in their lobby. 
This was the view from them. 
We might have taken a little bit of a rest there.

I just love signs. 
Everywhere you go in the world they are equally ridiculous! 

I have absolutely no idea what this was suppose to be a picture of but I love it just the same. 

The bay bridge from a far. 
And some boats.

We were going to the exploratorium but it was also extremely pricey and we didn't really want to pay to fight children to play with things. 
Then we went back to the San Francisco Center and visited some of our favorite stores. 
Erin and I both love a good mall. 

Altogether it was a really fun day!!! 

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