Sunday, July 21, 2013

unfinished song

i went to the movies last weekend at the cutest little theater in Berkeley. 
it is called the Elmwood theater and it only shows independent movies 
which are some of my favorites. 
i think because for the most part independent films are about people and there normal lives
and all of the complexities that come with life. 
and because some of my favorite actors tend to be in independent films 

here is the theater.
it was the smallest movie theater i have ever been in. 
it's just so precious. 

i went to see the unfinished song. 
which is equal parts precious and heartbreaking.

half the reason i went to see this was because vanessa redgrave is in it. 
she is absolutely wonderful. 
i have watched Letters to Juliet so many times just because of her. 
and Call the Midwife is so much better just because of her voice in the opening and closing credits. 
this movie also involved lots of singing (if you didn't catch that in the title)
and who doesn't love singing in movies 

the movie was also sad because it was about grandma age people
and it reminded me a lot of my grandparents
and how much more joyful my grandpas life could have been if there 
had been a kind soul who had taken an interest in him. 
people need people.
even grumpy old men who don't really like people.
they still need kind hearted friends to show them love and affection. 
it's just a fact. 

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