Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my summer home

so a while pack i promised a tour of my little home here in Oakland
and five years later i am finally giving you a little tour. 

even though really it isn't my home at all. 
the only things that are mine are the clothes in the closet, a few books and some food in the fridge. 
so really here is a look at Rachel's home. 
it was so weird walking through the door on the first day. 
it seriously felt like i was breaking into someone else's home

but now it feels like my home, even for just a few months it is the place that i come home to.
it is funny how home changes. 

Rachel has an awesome giant chalk board in the entrance to her apartment.

here is my bed (yep Lola made the trek to norcal with me).
and my little stack of books. 
and my basket of knitting stuff. 

here is rachel's wall of prints and art. 
it is one of my favorite parts of the apartment. 
it is a really fun idea to mix and match things and cover the wall in creative pieces
that bring you joy. 

and there is a nice big comfy chair. which is definitely a necessity. 

there is a lovely sitting area that looks out onto the complex courtyard. 
it is so nice to have that much sunlight streaming in. 

here is the kitchen. 

and the cute little stove
that i have come to hate because the oven is super inconsistent
and it gets way hotter than it needs to. 

so i have never been a big fan of mirrors. 
they just aren't my thing. 
but i absolutely love the mirror that sits over the kitchen sink
mainly because it is perfect for making silly faces at my self.
and sometimes when you are little down about the day there is nothing better 
than making yourself laugh out loud. 

here is the kitchen table. 
Rachel has a massive collection of cookbooks. 
this is only half of them shown in the picture above.
one day i hope to aspire to that level of cookbook hoarding. 

and here's my closet. 
there is actually a shocking amount of storage in this little studio. 
there are three decently sized closets. 
and my bathtub has pink tiles which i kind of actually love. 
it is a great splash of color. 

so there you go. 

although i will only be living here for two more weeks and then i will be moving next door. 
it is all very complicated. 
but Mati next door has an even cuter apartment. 
so i will make sure to take some pictures and show you her place too
and since it is a corner apartment it has even more light streaming in. 
love it!

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