Monday, July 8, 2013

getting lost on the embarcadero

a few weeks back i spent my saturday wandering along the embarcadero.
and it was lovely. 
i started my morning at the Ferry Plaza farmers market.
it is absolutely wonderful!!! in fact right this minute i am eating a delicious nectarine
 i got from there this past weekend. 

here is the ferry plaza buidling. 
you can't see the market from this view but it goes all along the front and fills up the entire area behind the back of the building. 
the inside of the ferry plaza has more permanent shops. 
some of them are small local shops selling chocolate or olive oil, then there are a few chain places and a bunch of delicious restaurants. 

i had lunch at Gott's Roadside. 
it was absolutely delicious. 
i ate a salad but i definitely need to go back and get a burger because they looked absolutely delicious. 
the best part is that around the corner they have a soft serve and frozen yogurt stand that serves products made from strauss dairy farm. i can't say enough good things about strauss. they are organic and they make the best eggnog in the entire world. i could seriously drink an entire bottle in one sitting.
and there soft serve ice cream was ridiculously good. 
definitely the best i have ever had. 

this is where the fancy boats stay. 

i love being down by the water and seeing all the piers.
being here has made me realize that i have to live by water. 
i just can't imagine it any other way.

there was this awesome little cart made out of skateboard decks outside of the exploratorium. 

they are currently setting up for the America's Cup race and the Louis Vuitton challenger race.
i am so disappointed that i will already be gone when these races take place. 
it would be so amazing to watch and i may never be in the same city as the
 race again since it changes every year!

pier 39

it's just creepy

they have the best bread here. 
oh my goodness. 
and you can't by a loaf of bread shaped like a turtle. 
which is awesome!

the golden gate bridge. 
it really isn't golden. 
that bothers me. 

the beach in the bay. 
there was a princess birthday party taking place. 
going to the beach in a princess costume sounds pretty cool!

i refrained from getting a giant bowl of ice cream.
i may not be as strong next time. 

here is one of the catamarans prepping for the America's Cup. 

one of my favorite parts about SF is the old electric train cars. 

a chocolate factory???
i didn't go in....yet.
i do feel like it is my responsibility as an American to find out what New American Chocolate is like. 


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