Monday, July 1, 2013

getting lost in Muir Woods

while maja was here getting me all settled in we took a day to adventure into the woods...
we looked at a map and found ourselves driving along the windy roads to get ourselves to Muir Woods. 
and i highly suggest that if you are ever in this area that you make sure you stop there because there is nothing quite as magnificent as being surrounded by redwood trees, the giants of the forest. 

for those of you who don't know Muir Woods is named after a man named John Muir who we owe a lot of our national park system too. now most of what i know about Mr. Muir is based of the biography report a girl names Lindsay did in my fifth grade class. 

so since my knowledge is pretty lacking...i present to you pictures!! 
(yay!!! you should now be hearing cheers of excitement) 

now for the most part bugs don't bother me. i don't like them in my house but they don't scare me or gross me out. but this thing was disgusting. icky. thats all i'm saying. 

can you imagine the sound of these makes as it falls. 
my oh my to hear that. 

that there is my maj. 
ain't she cute! 

and here she is again. 
i like to think she is dreaming big thoughts in her head. 
that's the look of quite contemplation. 
in a place so quite and peaceful how can you not stop to think a bit. 

when we left the woods we turned down the wrong road and we ended up headed toward a beach and some serious fog. fog will always be magical to me. 
the magic is in the unknown possibilities that lay behind it. 

and we stopped at this wonderful little danish coffee shop for some lunch. 
where i ate some delicious blueberry pancakes. 
i am pretty much a breakfast all day and all night kind of gal. 

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