Friday, July 5, 2013

a trip back to a different time

During maja's time up here in Nor Cal we took some time to visit good old Sonoma.
We both have a strong attachment to Sonoma. 
It is for me where my grandparents always lived and the place where many family vacations took place. 
For my mom is the closest thing to her family home. 
Her and I have spent many weekends driving up to spend the weekend with both my grandma and grandpa and then with just my grandpa. 
We know that square like the back of our hands and we have some favorite little spots. 
So we took a day and went back in time.  

This here is Scandia Bakery. We use to walk here every morning to get breakfast. 
It was always just me and my maja. 
It was one of our things. 
I would get a pecan roll and either an apple juice or hot chocolate and maja would get a bran muffin and some coffee. 

We always sat and ate outside. Then we would walk to the Sonoma Market (aka the Food Museum). And I would get the most delicious sourdough rolls, that would later be enjoyed warmed up with some butter. 

There happened to be a car show that weekend. 

And we found this wonderful collection of T-Birds all lined up together. 

There are some amazing homes in Sonoma. 
This might be one of my favorites. 
They have a tennis court. 

If you haven't ever had Vella Cheese you are just missing out! 
Seriously it is absolutely amazing! 
And it is made in Sonoma by the Vella family. 
They have the best hard jack cheese.
Oh my goodness!!!!

It was nice to be back in a place that is so familiar. 
And yet it is so strange that it is no longer a permanent part of our life. 

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