Monday, June 24, 2013


So a while back, shortly after I returned from Costa Rica I went on a road trip. 

And this is how our adventure began!!!!

This here is Nicole. She is a good friend from good old CLU. 
We know each other pretty well!!
Mainly because we traveled through Europe together during study abroad. 
And if you really want to get to know someone go off to Europe with them for a few months. 
And that will do the trick. 
We are both pretty silly and we both love music and dancing. 
And Nicole calls cats mittens. 

We decided to set off on an adventure to Northern California for one very specific event. 

Driving up was a ton of fun. 
She is definitely someone I enjoyed being stuck in a car for seven hours with. 
We chatted a lot and caught up on life. 

And then we spent the night at her grandmother's house. 
And let me tell you that woman is my hero. 
She is just fabulous. 
And she bought me coke.....coca cola....gosh guys. 
I plan on adopting her. 

We drove past the wine maker. 
This statue has huge sentimental value for me. 
Driving up to see my grandparents in Sonoma we would always drive past it. 

We stopped at the Robert Mondovi winery. 
We didn't have time for a tour. 
And were to cheap to pay for wine tastings. 
That stuff is not about a racket market. 

But we did stop and Nicole ran through the grape vines near the parking lot. 
We were definitely breaking the rules. 
Yep we are hard core like that!!! 

This was a sign in Napa. 
I guess it is one way to promote tourism. 
Kind of weird though when you are walking down the street to see this. 

So the whole reason we went on this little road trip was to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform. 
Now if you don't know who they are, a while back I posted about them here.
Pretty much Nicole and I are obsessed with them.
They were performing at the fair grounds in Napa the night before the new Bottlerock music festival began. 
Is this cool new music festival in Napa that combines local wine and beer with music. 

There was also amazing food. 
Nicole got some kind of barbecue and I got the most amazing sandwich. 
It was a chicken sandwich with brie, apples and a pest mayonnaise. 
Oh and don't worry we had some garlic fries to. 

Here was the stage that they performed at. 

Now the weird thing was that there were a ton of high schoolers there. 
And I mean this was a school night. 
But there is nothing like being surrounded by groups of kids with braces to make you feel old. 
Real old. 
Here were some kids doing their homework. 
Yep they brought their homework to a wine themed music festival. 

The local children's orchestra performed as one of the opening acts. 
They were really good!

This was the nice bug crowd behind us. 

Here are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the big screen!!!!

And now I would like to present blurry pictures 1-3.
(If I had an art installation that is what they would be titled).
There is Macklemore in all his glory and a white poncho.
Yep he is an odd duck...but most definitely a good egg. 

It was such a fun few days. 
And more important it was an advenutre. 
And that is what I want my life to be, an advenutre. 
I want to be able to spend time with the wonderful people, traveling and
 doing all sorts of fun stuff and shenanigans. 
Just spending life getting into some old school trouble. 

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