Sunday, June 30, 2013

maja and me adventure north

so i might be almost 23 but that doesn't mean that i no longer need my mom to drive me to my first day of work (or in this case my new home). now there are multiple reasons why i needed my maja to take me.  one my lovely old boat of a mini van is reaching the end of its life and we were all a bit skeptical of wether it could actually make the trip all the way up north. second my mom and i make a pretty remarkable team, you make each other stronger and braver and when we set our minds to something there is just no stopping us. And also my mom puts up with my hunger crankiness like nobody else and  knows all of my weird eating habits, so when i am to overwhelmed and hungry to decide where to eat she picks for us and usually does a pretty good job. 

thank you for that maja!

yep this is pretty much what all of the middle of CA looks like. miles and miles of nothingness along the five freeway. know you see mom and i know this drive real well. we have been doing it for my entire life. there was a good chunk of time where the two of us filled up the car and took the 5 to the 580 to the 680 to the 780 to the 80 to American Canyon Road all the way to good old Sonoma to visit my grandparents. i think that is how we became such good travel buddies...because we have been doing it forever.

you got to love a valley of windmills!!!

the view from Nordstroms Cafe at the San Francisco Center. because sometimes you just need to eat lunch at somewhere familiar that has good food, good service and air conditioning and an amazing view of Powell St. and the old trolley cars. 

i love a good set of escalators. all of the floors in nordstroms were circles, it was like a giant stacked donut filled with shoes and clothes.....sounds magical now doesn't?

we trekked across the entire city...that is not an understatement....
we made a short stop in Chinatown...and you know it just isn't my thing.

they are just so cute....
but not cute enough to convince me to wait in an extremely long line in the heat....
one day i will wake up early and check this off my list. 

alcatraz. . . need i say more. 

the BART map.... i live right by the rockridge stop. 

dinner one night in my cute little kitchen...
you really can't go wrong with tomato soup, avocados and fresh bread.

no joke we went to Trader Joe's four days in a row. . . 
i would say that we really don't have a problem ...but anybody who has ever seen mine or my mother's cupboards knows that i would be lying. . . one thing i definitely inherited from my mother is hoarding groceries... judge me now....but when the aliens/zombies/giant sea creatures take over (which according to Hollywood really is going to happen any day...i mean brad pitt has even bought into it) you will be knocking down my door for some organic canned TJs black beans.....

all in all we had a really wonderful week. 

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