Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Papa's Day!!!!

Happy Papa's Day to my wonderful Faja!!!! 

This was a wonderful day back in January. My mom, dad, and brother Daniel all went to Newport Beach to spend some time taking in the ocean right before I left for Costa Rica. 

Unfortunately this year I am not home to give my faja a great big hug on Papa's Day. 
And I think what is so sad about it is that it is most likely the first of many Papa's Days that my Faj and I will be apart. I guess that is part of growing up and moving away. Things change and you can't be everywhere for everything. 
It is going to be a hard transition for my and my papa. You see we are buddies.  
In a lot of ways I think my dad would prefer it if I never moved and just lived at home so that we could hang out and watch movies and eat Mexican food together forever. 
But I know that he is also happy to see me grow up and find my way in the world. 
Oh how I love him! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day spending their time with family and giving nice big hugs to the papa's in their lives. 

****Yep I call my dad, Faja....and my mom, maja.....
What can I say I like to mix it up. 
The best part is whatever weird names I call them (cause yep it varies from year to year) 
they always roll with it. They never question it or wonder how they ended up with such a weird duck as a daughter, nope they just respond when called. 
And I love them oh so very much for that. 

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