Monday, June 17, 2013

Goodbye OC

So three weeks ago I made a run for it and I left big old wonderful Fullerton. 

Well I didn't exactly make a run for it. 

My mom drove me. 

Anywho (do the details really matter? I'm ust saying.)

Monday will mark my third week in San Francisco. 
Well Oakland to be more exact (but doesn't San Francisco sound cooler???). 

The first week my mom stayed and we had a jolly good time visiting Trader Joe's and adventuring around my new city. And then last week I spent my first week at work. 
Work is exhausting....enough said. 

But you will just have to wait to hear more about all that. 
Just think of all the things you have to look forward too. 
Pictures of my home. Of food. Of my new office (well now its my old office...long story. 
But don't you worry one tiny little bit. I will tell you soon!!) 

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