Sunday, June 30, 2013

maja and me adventure north

so i might be almost 23 but that doesn't mean that i no longer need my mom to drive me to my first day of work (or in this case my new home). now there are multiple reasons why i needed my maja to take me.  one my lovely old boat of a mini van is reaching the end of its life and we were all a bit skeptical of wether it could actually make the trip all the way up north. second my mom and i make a pretty remarkable team, you make each other stronger and braver and when we set our minds to something there is just no stopping us. And also my mom puts up with my hunger crankiness like nobody else and  knows all of my weird eating habits, so when i am to overwhelmed and hungry to decide where to eat she picks for us and usually does a pretty good job. 

thank you for that maja!

yep this is pretty much what all of the middle of CA looks like. miles and miles of nothingness along the five freeway. know you see mom and i know this drive real well. we have been doing it for my entire life. there was a good chunk of time where the two of us filled up the car and took the 5 to the 580 to the 680 to the 780 to the 80 to American Canyon Road all the way to good old Sonoma to visit my grandparents. i think that is how we became such good travel buddies...because we have been doing it forever.

you got to love a valley of windmills!!!

the view from Nordstroms Cafe at the San Francisco Center. because sometimes you just need to eat lunch at somewhere familiar that has good food, good service and air conditioning and an amazing view of Powell St. and the old trolley cars. 

i love a good set of escalators. all of the floors in nordstroms were circles, it was like a giant stacked donut filled with shoes and clothes.....sounds magical now doesn't?

we trekked across the entire city...that is not an understatement....
we made a short stop in Chinatown...and you know it just isn't my thing.

they are just so cute....
but not cute enough to convince me to wait in an extremely long line in the heat....
one day i will wake up early and check this off my list. 

alcatraz. . . need i say more. 

the BART map.... i live right by the rockridge stop. 

dinner one night in my cute little kitchen...
you really can't go wrong with tomato soup, avocados and fresh bread.

no joke we went to Trader Joe's four days in a row. . . 
i would say that we really don't have a problem ...but anybody who has ever seen mine or my mother's cupboards knows that i would be lying. . . one thing i definitely inherited from my mother is hoarding groceries... judge me now....but when the aliens/zombies/giant sea creatures take over (which according to Hollywood really is going to happen any day...i mean brad pitt has even bought into it) you will be knocking down my door for some organic canned TJs black beans.....

all in all we had a really wonderful week. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Missing These Lovely Ladies

It is so weird how we come and go from one place to another. Settling in to some kind of life for a few months and then one day we get up and leave and go somewhere else. For me it has become quite the routine, I have lost count of the number of planes I have been on in the past year. 
But each time I have moved I have been lucky enough to meet wonderful people who become a part of my everyday life. These two ladies were about the closest thing to family in Costa Rica. I saw them everyday and the majority of our conservations involved large quantities of laughter and sleepy faces. 
It is so weird not seeing them everyday. 
And I miss them. Cause you know what...we had a jolly good time in our little red house. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


So a while back, shortly after I returned from Costa Rica I went on a road trip. 

And this is how our adventure began!!!!

This here is Nicole. She is a good friend from good old CLU. 
We know each other pretty well!!
Mainly because we traveled through Europe together during study abroad. 
And if you really want to get to know someone go off to Europe with them for a few months. 
And that will do the trick. 
We are both pretty silly and we both love music and dancing. 
And Nicole calls cats mittens. 

We decided to set off on an adventure to Northern California for one very specific event. 

Driving up was a ton of fun. 
She is definitely someone I enjoyed being stuck in a car for seven hours with. 
We chatted a lot and caught up on life. 

And then we spent the night at her grandmother's house. 
And let me tell you that woman is my hero. 
She is just fabulous. 
And she bought me coke.....coca cola....gosh guys. 
I plan on adopting her. 

We drove past the wine maker. 
This statue has huge sentimental value for me. 
Driving up to see my grandparents in Sonoma we would always drive past it. 

We stopped at the Robert Mondovi winery. 
We didn't have time for a tour. 
And were to cheap to pay for wine tastings. 
That stuff is not about a racket market. 

But we did stop and Nicole ran through the grape vines near the parking lot. 
We were definitely breaking the rules. 
Yep we are hard core like that!!! 

This was a sign in Napa. 
I guess it is one way to promote tourism. 
Kind of weird though when you are walking down the street to see this. 

So the whole reason we went on this little road trip was to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform. 
Now if you don't know who they are, a while back I posted about them here.
Pretty much Nicole and I are obsessed with them.
They were performing at the fair grounds in Napa the night before the new Bottlerock music festival began. 
Is this cool new music festival in Napa that combines local wine and beer with music. 

There was also amazing food. 
Nicole got some kind of barbecue and I got the most amazing sandwich. 
It was a chicken sandwich with brie, apples and a pest mayonnaise. 
Oh and don't worry we had some garlic fries to. 

Here was the stage that they performed at. 

Now the weird thing was that there were a ton of high schoolers there. 
And I mean this was a school night. 
But there is nothing like being surrounded by groups of kids with braces to make you feel old. 
Real old. 
Here were some kids doing their homework. 
Yep they brought their homework to a wine themed music festival. 

The local children's orchestra performed as one of the opening acts. 
They were really good!

This was the nice bug crowd behind us. 

Here are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the big screen!!!!

And now I would like to present blurry pictures 1-3.
(If I had an art installation that is what they would be titled).
There is Macklemore in all his glory and a white poncho.
Yep he is an odd duck...but most definitely a good egg. 

It was such a fun few days. 
And more important it was an advenutre. 
And that is what I want my life to be, an advenutre. 
I want to be able to spend time with the wonderful people, traveling and
 doing all sorts of fun stuff and shenanigans. 
Just spending life getting into some old school trouble. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Baking Adventure: Macarons

Cinnamon Macarons with a Nutella filling. 

This was my first attempt at making macarons. 
My dear friend Katie and I took the challenge on to make these after seeing some in a new bakery that opened up downtown. Katie has tried a bunch of different macarons. 
And the ones we made were the first I had ever had. 
So I am slightly bias when I say they turned out pretty well,
you know because I have nothing to compare these to. 

They are definitely really sweet because of the Nutella filling. 
But I figured that it was best to take on one challenge at a time.
 This go around we focused on making the cookie and not make a filling. 

I found this recipe here on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. 

And I followed these baking instructions and suggestions.  

It was a lot of fun making something new!!! 
And I think that I will probably make these again, 
mainly because there are lots of options for making them colorful!!! 
And who doesn't love colorful food!!!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Goodbye OC

So three weeks ago I made a run for it and I left big old wonderful Fullerton. 

Well I didn't exactly make a run for it. 

My mom drove me. 

Anywho (do the details really matter? I'm ust saying.)

Monday will mark my third week in San Francisco. 
Well Oakland to be more exact (but doesn't San Francisco sound cooler???). 

The first week my mom stayed and we had a jolly good time visiting Trader Joe's and adventuring around my new city. And then last week I spent my first week at work. 
Work is exhausting....enough said. 

But you will just have to wait to hear more about all that. 
Just think of all the things you have to look forward too. 
Pictures of my home. Of food. Of my new office (well now its my old office...long story. 
But don't you worry one tiny little bit. I will tell you soon!!) 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Papa's Day!!!!

Happy Papa's Day to my wonderful Faja!!!! 

This was a wonderful day back in January. My mom, dad, and brother Daniel all went to Newport Beach to spend some time taking in the ocean right before I left for Costa Rica. 

Unfortunately this year I am not home to give my faja a great big hug on Papa's Day. 
And I think what is so sad about it is that it is most likely the first of many Papa's Days that my Faj and I will be apart. I guess that is part of growing up and moving away. Things change and you can't be everywhere for everything. 
It is going to be a hard transition for my and my papa. You see we are buddies.  
In a lot of ways I think my dad would prefer it if I never moved and just lived at home so that we could hang out and watch movies and eat Mexican food together forever. 
But I know that he is also happy to see me grow up and find my way in the world. 
Oh how I love him! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day spending their time with family and giving nice big hugs to the papa's in their lives. 

****Yep I call my dad, Faja....and my mom, maja.....
What can I say I like to mix it up. 
The best part is whatever weird names I call them (cause yep it varies from year to year) 
they always roll with it. They never question it or wonder how they ended up with such a weird duck as a daughter, nope they just respond when called. 
And I love them oh so very much for that.