Wednesday, May 22, 2013

creepy crawly creatures

So part of living in a tropical country is the excitement/terror of 
finding new creepy crawly friends in your house. 

Here are just a few of them. 

And I made them extra big just so you could see them nice and clearly. 

Here is your friendly neighborhood tarantula. 
We actually found three of them in two days in our living room.

We weren't sure what to do with them. So I put a class jar over one of them. 
And then we were afraid that they were hulk tarantulas and that they could turn over the jar so naturally the best solution was to duct tape the jars to the ground. And in the morning while my roomies were sound a sleep I took them outside and let them rome free. 
Luckily they seemed to learn pretty quickly that we didn't want them and they didn't return. 
Smart spiders. 

No idea what this is. But it flies. And it was in our laundry room. 

Here is a giant toad. He was creepy and he would hide out next to our door. 

And here is the giant iguana who lives in our backyard. 
He is terrifying. 
It was kind of like finding a giant dinosaur in our backyard. 

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