Monday, May 20, 2013

a big red box

This past Christmas my mom gave me this big red box. 
A red box that I had seen sitting high on the shelves of her sewing closet. 
All these years I had just assumed it was some random box that would be given away as a gift to someone. 
But all along it had been waiting there for me, filled with something I never would have expected but couldn't possibly mean more to me. 
My mom had been collecting Christmas ornaments for me for every single Christmas since my very first one in 1990. And for each ornament she wrote me a note.
Some of the notes were just quick words about the year and others were longer handwritten letters about life and our ever changing relationship and her growing daughter. 

I have had the box since December but for some reason I could never bring myself to open it and look through it. I knew what was in it. It just felt like the end of era, you know like I was actually growing up and that this might just mean I was a big kid. 

But today ended up being the day. I was organizing my room and it just felt right. 
So I started with 2012 and read all the cards backwards all the way to 1990. 

By 2004 I decided I need to go and get tissues cause I had mascara running down my face and snot dripping on to my jeans (cute I know!). 
But after seeing those 23 precious ornaments and reading my mama's sweet words I have never felt more loved in my life. 
I can't imagine a better gift or something more meaningful. And I can't wait till I have my own home to hang all my ornaments on the tree. 

I am so blessed to have the mom that I have. And for her not only to be my mother but one of my closest friends. Now there are always rough patches and this whole growing up none sense hasn't been the easiest but through the years we have had some wonderful days and trips. And much of what I know today about love and life my mama taught me. 
I am ever so grateful for her and the time we have shared together. 
And for the many years to come!!! 

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