Sunday, April 28, 2013

Semana Santa and a Trip to Montezuma

After Courtney and I went to Panama we came back just in time for Semana Santa (Holy Week). 
Jeni and I decided to take a short trip to Montezuma during the vacation. 

One of the days we took the bust from Montezuma down to Cabo Blanco National Park. 
There we did the longer (emphasis on long) hike through the park to the parks beach. 
The hike took about two hours each way. 
And it was nice and hot and humid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a nice big old tree.
There is something absolutely mesmerizing about these guys.
I think it has to do with the fact that they disappear into the sky vanishing
 way past where your eye can see.

Here is a lovely termite nest. 
They are everywhere. 

Just as we finished the hike to the beach there was this awesome grouping of bamboo. 
Jeni looks tiny compared to the plant. 

Here is the beach that we hiked all the way too. 

Another day we went to one of the Montezuma's waterfalls.
That is a picture of Jeni jumping off into the bottom pool with the waterfall behind her. 

Here is the top pool. 

Here is the second pool. 
It was nice and chilly which is a great change since most of the water at the beaches is uncomfortably warm and about the same temperature as the outside air. 

Here is a picture from the ocean on our way to Tortuga Island.

It was a fun trip and a nice amount of time to spend away. 

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