Tuesday, April 2, 2013

San Blas

For one of our nights in Panama we adventured to the San Blas islands. They are a group of 365 islands of the Caribbean coast of Panama. And they are actually their own sovereign nation, all of the islands are owned by an indigenous tribe. We decided to spend our time at one of the smaller tourist islands. The island is split in two and we stayed on the Senidup side of the island. 

It took three hours to get to the "port" by jeep and 45mins to get to the island by boat. But it was all worth it.

I have never been in a more serene, beautiful and peaceful place. There is no electricity on the island or cell phone signal so we really were cut off from the world. And the island is smaller than a football field, it only takes about five minutes to walk around the whole place. 

So here are a few photos. I could show you a ton more. And maybe at some point I will. But if you ever need a break from reality and have some vacation days get on a plane and fly to San Blas, because for the time that you are there the tension will leave your shoulders and you will be at peace with the world.

These are my toesies in the water. The water was so clear that you really can't see it. 
And I am happy to report that I have gotten my Rainbow sandals tan back, it went away in DC. But I got it back...I am actually just tan in general, it's weird. 

It was absolutely beautiful at night. It was sad though cause you couldn't really see the stars because the cloud coverage was so strong, this also meant no sunrise or sunset. 

So just to get real for a second. There is no freshwater on the island. So what does this mean. Well in short Courtney and I did not brush our teeth, wash our hands, or shower for two days. Now there are showers as you can see above that nice little building has two toilets and two showers. But we kind of decided go big or go home, so if you are going to be dirty and gross why not really be dirty or gross. 
And just in case you were wondering flushing the toilet did me dumping salt water in after you did your business until the pressure of the water flushed the bowl clean. 

And of course we left the hand sanitizer back in our hostel in Panama City. 

We did also stay in huts. They were okay. Minus the bugs...I really hate bugs. For example Courtney woke up with a cockroach on her face in the middle of the night. Eww!!!!

Now although the trip was magical and super peaceful!!! There were some more downsides. I did get eaten alive by bed bugs (yay!!! my first encounter with bed bugs) and I may or may not have exposed myself to Malaria unknowingly....apparently San Blas has a high risk for malaria....who knew??? I sure didn't...Oh well the adventure continues 

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