Monday, April 1, 2013


So Courtney and I decided to get out of Costa Rica and adventure to Panama. And oh an adventure it was. To start our trip off we went to San Jose to board a bust which would become a 17 hour......let me repeat that 17 hour trip to Panama City. Now I have been on long bus rides and lots of bus rides, but this was a whole new experience for reasons you will soon learn about.

So That little yellow blow in the corner is Courtney sleeping on her knees. See we got off the bus at 3 am to cross the Costa Rica/Panama border and get our passports stamped. Well it turns out that the boarder doesn't open till 5:30. So you know what we did......yep that is right we sat next to a building for 2.5 hours and waited for the sun to rise and the bunnies to come out... well there weren't any bunnies. Anywho back to the point so how it works is that you have to officially leave Costa Rica walk across the border and then officially enter Panama where they will search your luggage for things like drugs and puppies. Not that I am ever carrying drugs in my luggage but I am always terrified that they are going to find some. And then I am going to have my own Bridget Jones moment where I am singing Madona songs in a foreign prison. But you know if Colin Firth came to save me, I would be okay with it. Is that creepy?? He is kind of old now. But I feel in love with him when I was five and watching Pride and Prejudice in St. Louis and in love with him I will stay!!!!! 

So here is the other thing about our bus ride. So we bought the "executive" tickets which are ten dollars more and you know would make you think that you get a better experience. FALSE!!!! What it means is that they feed you and keep you on the bus the entire time. That's right so if you need to go to the bathroom there is a toilet (or small closet depending on how you look at it) "for piss only" (that is a direct quote without toilet paper that fifty so people use for 17 know what that leeds to...a bus that smells like pee, was not pleasant. We also happened to be sitting by the bathroom which probably made the sent worse. 

And one of our meals consisted of big joke...which would not have been so bad except for the fact that when you see a giant cardboard box filled with McDonalds the big macs become slightly more questionable. 

Oh and this is our new favorite drink...he he he not really. It is called Rojolita and it pretty much tastes like carbonated cherry cough syrup. We felt real bad but we just couldn't drink it. We tried I swear but it was bad. 

Our first night in Panama Courtney ordered a was 50 percent onions. These were the leftover onions after she ate a bunch of them. I stuck with tends to be reliably edible. 

Our hostel was in Casco Viejo; which is the older part of the city. It is a very cool to come. But we found this cute little cafe owned by a guy from Mississippi. 

my yummy salad

Brie... It was so delicious.. yum!

Our hostel was really neat. It is called Luna's Castle and it has a movie theater and a bar. And they have pancake batter and bananas for breakfast. 

The hostel was full of some really awesome artwork and details. 

There was a brewery (cerveceria) right around the corner. They had amazing pizza and Pina Coladas. And you could get a beer sampler in a boat for free. 

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