Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life in DC - According to my iPhone

So once upon a time i lived in DC for a few months...not all that long ago. And i completely failed at at this whole blogging thing. I just failed at documenting my time there in general. 
There are very few photos. It was a pretty overwhelming time. 
You know moving across the country, living in my own apartment, going to BIG KID school and being in the nation's capital. 

So here are a few of the random things I felt the need to document via my iPhone aka the only photos that exist from my first stay in DC. 

This was the line for Starbucks at LAX the morning I left CA to go to DC. 
And yep I waited in it...I mean it wasn't like there was anything else to do and why would you 
ever pass up an opportunity for chai tea and pumpkin loaf. 

Here is my first set of real keys. I also signed my first lease that day, it was pretty scary. 

Here is the Land of Oz also known as a Mormon Tabernacle in MD.

Here is a big tunnel. We drove to visit some of my mom's old friends in MD. It was fun because I got to meet all of these people I have heard about my entire life. 

Nothing but blue skies and green trees ahead. 

A cupcake for my 22 Birthday. 

Well maybe two cupcakes for my 22nd birthday. I mean it is a big year. 

The peacock room at the Smithsonian. 
Someday I hope I have a weekend guest who paints an entire room in my house.
And yes that is an open invitation for mischief.

Mom and I were mesmerized by this and could have spent a whole day entranced in its beauty. 


Can't remember what this was from. Might just be a neat staircase 

The sculpture garden. Who doesn't love giant animal heads????

A very long escalator in the DC metro. I got to know these guys pretty well.

Anthropologie in Old Town Arlington making good use of a pommel horse. 

We ate at this really cool restaurant in Old Town. They had a soda wizard (sounds intriguing doesn't it) and an old telephone booth downstairs. 

The dock in Old Town. It was a lovely day out. 

Every Tuesday a couple of girls and I would go to Chipotle for lunch after class and pretty much eat and chat about class. It was really fun. Its always nice to have little weekly traditions. 

Here is my bedroom. Well my only room. It was a studio apartment. 

And my kitchen....aka my hallway/entryway 

My desk and study chair. To say we went on an ikea trip is a bit of an understatement. 

I bought a new purse...Cause all the girls have them in DC. Also I have always wanted a Longchomp bag mainly cause they are internationally classic. And conveniently they are waterproof. 

A bambi right outside my apartment complex just trying to break into Homeland Security. 

Yep there was something creepy about living next to Homeland Security. 
Black SUVs were always coming and going. 

Some Caprese salad. Luckily there is Trader Joes in DC. I shopped there frequently although it really wasn't conveniently located. It took a bus, a metro and a half mile walk to get there. 

PS Paper bags and rain don't mix. 

Lunch one day. Hummus, feta, cucumber and tomato in Pita. Delicious!!! 

Julia Child's kitchen in the American History Museum at the Smithsonian. 
It was absolutely wonderful!

A present that came in the mail from my good friend Erin. 

Books and beer on the bus. 

A little corner of love in my apartment building. Got to love old buildings and sweet touches. 

An empty metro station. Equal parts relaxing and creepy. 

The view from the Library. The building at the end is the Spiritual Life center more commonly known to students as the flaming cupcake. 

I found Bruce Jenner at the grocery store. 

Ali and Cassie from my program 

The cutest Anthropologie in Georgetown. It is deceivingly huge. 

My favorite British store is also in DC. They have the best knee high socks.
 That is actually the only thing I have ever bought there. 

A ladybug pillow pet came in the mail from my friend Natalie.
 So excited!!! 

Eggs Benedict.. Need I say more. 

Some Princess coloring to de-stress. 

Black squirrels. They were brought to DC from Canada and managed to escape the National Zoo. They are a tad bit creepy. 

A really cute sweater that I bought on sale from Madewell. I didn't try it on. It didn't fit. 
So I mailed it to a friend. 

Rock Creek Trail. My favorite way to spend weekend mornings. 

I made pancakes a lot.

I survived a Hurricane. 

One day the small bus picked us up from the metro. It was confusing. 

my phone decided to freak out multiple times. 
But it is okay now. 

I fell in love with frozen spinach and all the possible ways to eat it. 

I finally got to wear this awesome hat! 
Note: it was never actually cold enough to need this. So I mainly wore it in my apartment. 

I bought a rug just because it was on sale at urban outfitters. 
I mean how could use pass up mint chevron for only 25 dollars. 
I mean they were practically paying me to take it off their hands. 

Lots of deer in Rock Creek. 

The trail in Rock Creek. 

I went and saw Barbara Kingsolver speak at the National Cathedral. She was amazing and I want to be her best friend. 

The beauty of brick and Georgetown. 

I bought green eggs and ham in French from Anthropologie. 
It is really hard to read rhymes in French. 

To fulfill my baking obsession I made muffins for my 8 am class every Tuesday. 
It was fun. 

I consumed a whole bag of these little inspirational cough drops during finals week. 
Yay for getting sick !

The School of International Service has its own coffee shop. 
They had this awesome sign out one day. 

Some days are just so rough you need to sit down on the escalator. 

My empty apartment. It looked so small empty. 

And that my friends is a little glimpse into my life in DC.
I promise to be much better about keeping in touch next time I am there. 
I will definitely take more pictures!!!! 

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  1. Thanks for the tour Anna. I only spent 24 hours there, but it appears you have captured 100% of what I didn't see. haha. I hope you and Lola are doing well. Best Wishes! LeiLani