Friday, April 5, 2013

Casco Viejo - Panama

Here are some photos of Casco Viejo (Old Town Panama City). See Panama City is very interesting place. It is a great example of how development is happening in central America (and really everywhere). To put it matter of factly the rich are getting richer and the divide between the wealthy and poor is getting bigger. Panama has sky scrapper and a mall with a Louis Vuitton and Hermes store and Porsche dealers and then it has people living in fallen down buildings and sidewalks with mattresses and homeless people. And a huge police and military presence. Casco Viejo is a great example of this disparity. It is every bit as beautiful as it is sad. 

The buildings are old and remind me a bit of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. They are reminiscent of a different time; a time of bright colors and innate iron work. And just about every corner is under construction. In a few years this area will be amazingly beautiful, so many of the buildings are being restored and they are being turned into cafes, galleries and specialty shops. But as this restoration happens a large number of poor and homeless people will be forced to relocate. But where will they go?? Where do you go when your home (legally or not) is taken from you? Sorry for the rant... but it is on my mind. I am glad to see such beautiful architecture restored and happy to see new businesses but sad that it comes at a cost. 

Courtney is in the salmon dress and white hat. She was walking in front of me so she ended up in quite a few of my photos. 

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