Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back at Buckys

So I am back at Buckys (aka Starbucks). And today all the roomies are here. 
And we are all glued to our computers looking for summer internships. 
Trying to convince people that they should hire you is very exhausting. Especially when you need to sound grown up and professional. See normally I sell people 
on homemade cookies and playing dress up (I mean after all my parents do work in theater). 
Not sure where either of those fit on my resume. 

Anywho...drinking Buckys makes me feel like a big kid (the fact that I say big kid probably shows how far from accepting adulthood I really does anybody else think that it is very wrong that the federal government automatically thinks I should be an independent adult just because I am in grad more reason why me and Mr. FAFSA don't get along to well.) 
I don't even drink coffee, but I love tea. 
I don't know what it is but that venti starbucks cup makes
 me feel like I have places to go and that I mean business!!!!! 

But see we are trying to be super productive this weekend because our entire program leaves for a nine day field trip to the Osa Peninsula. Yep sounds like a vacation doesn't it. Well we will see...Pretty sure that I am going to be eaten alive by mosquitoes while working in the Mangroves. 

So in preparation I am downloading books to read. Because this trip is going to involve lots of long bus rides and quite a few days without internet. What did we do before internet??? No seriously. The other week I was thinking about writing papers in elementary school and looking up things in the Encyclopedia Britanica, cause that was the only option. Life is weird and it changes fast. Now I have internet on my phone and we donated our Encyclopedia to Goodwill. 

You know what is even crazier than a nine day field trip.....the fact that I will be flying home in three weeks and two days. Craziness I tell how time flies!!!!!! 

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