Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alda's Birthday Celebration

A few weeks ago Courtney, Alda, a few of Alda's closer friends from UPEACE and I went out to a fancy dinner in celebration for her birthday. 
It was a fun night full of lots of laughter and delicious food. 
We went to a winery just outside of Ciudad Colon. 
It was extremely surreal when we walked in it was like we had walked
 out of Costa Rica and entered a different world. 

Here are some pictures on the evenings festivities. . .

Outside they had this little sitting area where the entrance to the restaurant was.
This was also where you received your complimentary glass of house wine.

This is a view of the inside of the restaurant. 
This is actually just the main floor where we ate. 
There was a private party going on downstairs. 

Here are all three of the roomies!!! 

The birthday girl in front of a bunch of wine barrels.

Courtney and Alda making some beautiful faces.

The three of us in one of the wine cellars. 
You could have a romantic dinner in there if you wanted to. 

The view from the bottom floor balcony.

All of us ladies at dinner.

Our cheese platter. Pretty much we were too hungry to wait for dinner.

Force feeding Arianna.

The birthday girl!

Alda's three close friends from UPEACE who joined us for dinner. 

All of these photos were taken with my wonderful iphone. 
Which is why in most of the pictures we all have glowing devil eyes. 

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