Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Day at Manuel Antonio

Here are some photos from inside Manuel Antonio national park that I had promised from a few weeks ago. Better late than never right????

Jeni, me and Alyssa during our hike through the park. Yep I am sporting my favorite neon beer tank top. It has actually turned out to be the perfect hiking shirt. It is light weight and allows for a breeze and it is neon so it keeps me from getting lost. Plus it was cheep and I don't care what happens to it which is why it has various stains on it at this point and I will probably through it away at the end of my trip. 

There were tons of monkeys on the beach. This is the same kind of monkey that lives in our backyard. But these little guys were vicious. They were expert thieves. If you had food they would take it. We legitimately witness a monkey go into someones bag find a hard boiled egg in a plastic bag take it, scurry back up the tree, open in the ziplock bag, toss it on the ground, and break the egg open and eat it. We ate our Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches before they could get their hands on them. 

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