Monday, March 25, 2013

Starbucks and Internships

So this summer I have the unique opportunity to spend 330 hours PAYING to work for FREE!!!! 

And let me tell you I am super excited about it!! Well I am actually excited about interning, not so excited about the paying for it part. So far all of my internships have been amazing. I have met some wonderful people and I have learned so much. Plus I think interning is one of the best ways to figure out what kind of job is for you.

So there is a Starbucks in Costa Rica, just one. Now I really am against this whole globalization business, I mean why eat McDonalds when you can eat handmade Italian pizza in Rome. But when you are homesick and completely unable to focus at home having a Starbucks within 20 mins is a really nice thing. Cause no matter where you are in the world for those moments inside Starbucks you feel like you are right back at your neighborhood Starbucks hanging out with friends or reading a good book, or just people watching a bit. And it is magical. And it is also air conditioned, which is a very rare commodity here in Costa Rica.

 I spent the past yesterday and a few days two weeks ago hanging out there with a friend or two and my laptop. And I applied for quite a few internships. I think I now have my cover letter and resume memorized. Hopefully something wonderful comes out of all the applying. Some of the organizations I am really excited for and I am definitely crossing my fingers. Plus I applied to various locations all over the U.S. so it is kind of interesting to play the waiting game and seeing where I will be living this summer. Who doesn't love another adventure!!!????

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