Sunday, March 24, 2013

SCUBA - Isle de Cano

So now that I am super awesome and SCUBA diver certified, do you know what that means I can do??? It means I can go diving!!!!! All day and all night!!! !  So to take advantage of my new skills I went on a dive trip ti Isle de Cano with 15 other UPEACE students. Isle de Cano is a biological reserve and therefore it and the ocean around it are in pretty good condition. 

We stayed at this really awesome hostel. This was mine and Becky's room for the night. It was like being in your own little tree house. 

At lunch the waiter gave me my very own jar of chopped onions...He clearly did not know me.

This was the view from the "hallway" next to our room out onto the yoga deck. And yes that is a hammock right in the middle. You can never go wrong with a hammock. 

Here is Becky and I on the boat ride back from our dive adventure. 

Here are two strangers sitting out on the yoga deck. Yeah the view was pretty nice!!!!!!! 

As we took the boat back from diving the sun was setting and it was absolutely magical!!!! 

We had to go through the mangroves to get from the open water back to the dock. 

Now the diving was amazing. We saw a sea turtle, he even stopped for a few minutes so we could all just hang out with him. There were tons of fishing swimming by in schools. And on the boat ride to the dive spot we saw eight dolphins and a manta ray jump out of the water. 

Now all of that was really cool. But what we saw on the island was probably the most incredible thing I will ever see in my entire life. No joke. It was magic. And it was all a matter of perfect timing. We had the unique opportunity to watch about 20 just hatched leatherback turtles make their very first journey to the ocean. I don't think there are words to properly explain how miraculous it was. And it definitely brought tears to my eyes as one by one those little munchkins got a little sprinkle of water and started moving as fast at they could to make their way to their new home. 

Here a couple of these little guys are still all sandy climbing out of their nest. 

I mean how cute is this little guy. He doesn't even look real. 

Here you can see just how small they were. That is Valerie, Becky and Hari (they are all in the same program as me). 

And here is one of the little munchkins having just reached the water. 

It was so amazing to see their little heads bobbing up and down in the great bug ocean. They were just a tiny little speck. And it was also really sad knowing that the miraculous little guys had such little slim chances of making it. I wish I could have carried each one in my pocket until they got big enough. 

I don't think I will ever forget what I saw that day. 

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