Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rainmaker !!!!!!!

Now you are totally wondering if I went and visited a cult aren't you??? Or maybe a witch doctor??? Or some sort of super crafty (not like Martha Stewart) local Costa Rica? 

Well you would be wrong. Cause Rainmaker is an awesome block of preserved forrest with an awesome hiking trail. The best part is that there is an amazing waterfall and I mean amazing!!!!! It has multiple huge swimming pools. And after all of the visits to warm salt water beaches some nice fresh cold water was MAGIC!!! And the hike consists of large number of suspension bridges. 

So this little guy is a poisonous snake. Let's just say I did not try and pet him. Well maybe it is a girl. How do you tell the difference between a boy or girl snake??? I would not want that job. 

These little guys are aunts caring their treasures with them. Yum who doesn't want some fresh cute leaves for dinner. We pretty much followed their trail our entire hike through the trees. It amazes me that they can carry things so much bigger than them, it is kind of like how a snake can eat and alligator. Oh they totally can. If you don't believe you can look it up. It is kind of creepy though. 

This is an awesome tree. Need I say more. 

Here is the view out into the world from the forest.  Yep it was pretty magical. 

Here is one of the suspension bridges. Not going to lie I definitely felt like I was hanging out in the Swiss Family Robertson tree house. That was such a sad day in history when Disney turner their tree house into Tarzan's....Not cool Disney, not cool. 

Here is the first pool off of the water fall. 

This is Alyssa (on the right) and Jeni and Kyle at the pool that we choose to take our swim break at. Mark and Sam did not adventure with us this day, they went to beach and then drank way too many jin and tonics at the hostel. 

This little dude is a poisonous dart frog. I didn't pet him either. 

Here's Jeni and I at the "natural shower".

This little guys is super neat. There were tons of them. And they are called Jesus Christ lizards because they an walk on the water. It is super cool to watch their little webbed feet scurry across a flowing stream. 

And well this is just a pretty picture. It was super nice because inside the forrest it was nice and cool. 

After our hike we had a nice lunch that was prepared for us. It was pretty cool that cost of our entrance into the forrest included lunch. 

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