Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movie: The First Time

So I have a lot of free time here in Costa Rica...and as we all know I love movies..
...LOVE them... 
I mean that is why i studied film in college. 
And this is one of my new favorites. 

Yep it is called The First Time and yep it is about two kids... Well you know. 

Anywho...that was AWKWARD. It is a really sweet movie. 

It reminds me a lot of a John Hughes film. It is just about teenagers. Being normal teenagers and just trying to find their way in life. Trying to find meaning. I mean there are even references to mix tapes. 

And you know what John Hughes knew what he was doing. His films aren't crazy, they don't involve car chases or explosions. And they do include fabulous fashion choices. And we are drawn to them for a reason cause you know we all just kind of feel like those awkward and slightly confused high schoolers at least for a little bit each day. 

And that is why I like this movie. And for the fact that the lead character has her bedroom walls covered in these really awesome collages. And the precious little girl from We Bought a Zoo is also in it. And how could you not love anything that she is in. So yeah if you have some free time and what to reminisce on what high school was like or you know wasn't take some time and watch it. 

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