Monday, March 25, 2013

Starbucks and Internships

So this summer I have the unique opportunity to spend 330 hours PAYING to work for FREE!!!! 

And let me tell you I am super excited about it!! Well I am actually excited about interning, not so excited about the paying for it part. So far all of my internships have been amazing. I have met some wonderful people and I have learned so much. Plus I think interning is one of the best ways to figure out what kind of job is for you.

So there is a Starbucks in Costa Rica, just one. Now I really am against this whole globalization business, I mean why eat McDonalds when you can eat handmade Italian pizza in Rome. But when you are homesick and completely unable to focus at home having a Starbucks within 20 mins is a really nice thing. Cause no matter where you are in the world for those moments inside Starbucks you feel like you are right back at your neighborhood Starbucks hanging out with friends or reading a good book, or just people watching a bit. And it is magical. And it is also air conditioned, which is a very rare commodity here in Costa Rica.

 I spent the past yesterday and a few days two weeks ago hanging out there with a friend or two and my laptop. And I applied for quite a few internships. I think I now have my cover letter and resume memorized. Hopefully something wonderful comes out of all the applying. Some of the organizations I am really excited for and I am definitely crossing my fingers. Plus I applied to various locations all over the U.S. so it is kind of interesting to play the waiting game and seeing where I will be living this summer. Who doesn't love another adventure!!!????

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SCUBA - Isle de Cano

So now that I am super awesome and SCUBA diver certified, do you know what that means I can do??? It means I can go diving!!!!! All day and all night!!! !  So to take advantage of my new skills I went on a dive trip ti Isle de Cano with 15 other UPEACE students. Isle de Cano is a biological reserve and therefore it and the ocean around it are in pretty good condition. 

We stayed at this really awesome hostel. This was mine and Becky's room for the night. It was like being in your own little tree house. 

At lunch the waiter gave me my very own jar of chopped onions...He clearly did not know me.

This was the view from the "hallway" next to our room out onto the yoga deck. And yes that is a hammock right in the middle. You can never go wrong with a hammock. 

Here is Becky and I on the boat ride back from our dive adventure. 

Here are two strangers sitting out on the yoga deck. Yeah the view was pretty nice!!!!!!! 

As we took the boat back from diving the sun was setting and it was absolutely magical!!!! 

We had to go through the mangroves to get from the open water back to the dock. 

Now the diving was amazing. We saw a sea turtle, he even stopped for a few minutes so we could all just hang out with him. There were tons of fishing swimming by in schools. And on the boat ride to the dive spot we saw eight dolphins and a manta ray jump out of the water. 

Now all of that was really cool. But what we saw on the island was probably the most incredible thing I will ever see in my entire life. No joke. It was magic. And it was all a matter of perfect timing. We had the unique opportunity to watch about 20 just hatched leatherback turtles make their very first journey to the ocean. I don't think there are words to properly explain how miraculous it was. And it definitely brought tears to my eyes as one by one those little munchkins got a little sprinkle of water and started moving as fast at they could to make their way to their new home. 

Here a couple of these little guys are still all sandy climbing out of their nest. 

I mean how cute is this little guy. He doesn't even look real. 

Here you can see just how small they were. That is Valerie, Becky and Hari (they are all in the same program as me). 

And here is one of the little munchkins having just reached the water. 

It was so amazing to see their little heads bobbing up and down in the great bug ocean. They were just a tiny little speck. And it was also really sad knowing that the miraculous little guys had such little slim chances of making it. I wish I could have carried each one in my pocket until they got big enough. 

I don't think I will ever forget what I saw that day. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Movie: The First Time

So I have a lot of free time here in Costa Rica...and as we all know I love movies..
...LOVE them... 
I mean that is why i studied film in college. 
And this is one of my new favorites. 

Yep it is called The First Time and yep it is about two kids... Well you know. 

Anywho...that was AWKWARD. It is a really sweet movie. 

It reminds me a lot of a John Hughes film. It is just about teenagers. Being normal teenagers and just trying to find their way in life. Trying to find meaning. I mean there are even references to mix tapes. 

And you know what John Hughes knew what he was doing. His films aren't crazy, they don't involve car chases or explosions. And they do include fabulous fashion choices. And we are drawn to them for a reason cause you know we all just kind of feel like those awkward and slightly confused high schoolers at least for a little bit each day. 

And that is why I like this movie. And for the fact that the lead character has her bedroom walls covered in these really awesome collages. And the precious little girl from We Bought a Zoo is also in it. And how could you not love anything that she is in. So yeah if you have some free time and what to reminisce on what high school was like or you know wasn't take some time and watch it. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Off on Another Adventure

So I am off on a little trip to Panama. Courtney and I are adventuring out on our own. Sadly there is a 15 hour bus ride involved. On a good note this bus will at least be air conditioned. And have a bathroom, got to love a bus with a bathroom. 

Well as soon as I get back I will send out update which will probably include a lot of pictures. 

And a little story about my visit to the Panama Canal, which i am so SOOOOOOO excited to see. 
It is kind of funny though cause I never imagined that I would ever go to the Panama Canal, or you know live in Costa Rica. So who knows what is next. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


So I had the unique opportunity to get Open Water SCUBA Dive Certified...Yep that pretty much means I can be a Navy Seal now (that might be a bit of an exaggeration). The open water certification is pretty much the basic certification, so really I am no where near being a Navy Seal (so disappointing). It was a bit of a bumpy road, I ran into a few issues. But it was tons of fun. And I got a super awesome super painful sunburn on my back. Yep it definitely much information???

This Christy and i on the boat during a break in between dives. 

Here is the group of us who got certified that weekend. Well except for me. I ended up having serious problems with my frontal sinuses that prevented me from diving. It was probably the worst pain I have ever felt. We were suppose to do the last two dives of our certification that day. I tried both times but had to come out of the water after only going down a few feet because the pressure was just too much for me to handle. 

Here is our group Becky, me, Christy, Aki, Alejandro, and Hari. This was on Saturday night after we had finished diving and spent some time at the beach. We stopped at the bar to get a drink before dinner. Becky met a really cute Peruvian surfer here. 

Also the totally awesome neon shirt I am wearing is ironically enough an imperial beer shirt. So it has a huge beer logo on the back and front. I just liked the fact that it was neon green. But good thing you pretty much can't loose me while I have it on. 

I have been wearing my hair down a lot here. Pretty much cause there isn't much else to do with it besides wearing it down, in a bun or in a braid. And Christy was pretty obsessed with my curls at the beach so she took a bunch of really random/awkward photos of my hair. Yep AWKWARD. This is one of them. 

So since I wasn't able to get certified with this little gem of a group I went the following weekend with a different group of kids from UPEACE. And lets just say that they were a little less coordinated. Which means I definitely got hit in the head with a tank about five different times. And that isn't fun, neither is getting kicked in the face by a fin. But in the end. I am now a certified open water SCUBA diver. What does that mean?? Well one I am super cool, yep you can be jealous. And two if i was super adventurous i could go SCUBA diving by myself in the open water, not going to happen. But it does mean that there are many more dive adventures ahead. One of them I will be sharing with you very soon!!!

P.S. all of these pictures are from Christy's camera, cause she was way more adventurous than me and took her camera on the boat. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rainmaker !!!!!!!

Now you are totally wondering if I went and visited a cult aren't you??? Or maybe a witch doctor??? Or some sort of super crafty (not like Martha Stewart) local Costa Rica? 

Well you would be wrong. Cause Rainmaker is an awesome block of preserved forrest with an awesome hiking trail. The best part is that there is an amazing waterfall and I mean amazing!!!!! It has multiple huge swimming pools. And after all of the visits to warm salt water beaches some nice fresh cold water was MAGIC!!! And the hike consists of large number of suspension bridges. 

So this little guy is a poisonous snake. Let's just say I did not try and pet him. Well maybe it is a girl. How do you tell the difference between a boy or girl snake??? I would not want that job. 

These little guys are aunts caring their treasures with them. Yum who doesn't want some fresh cute leaves for dinner. We pretty much followed their trail our entire hike through the trees. It amazes me that they can carry things so much bigger than them, it is kind of like how a snake can eat and alligator. Oh they totally can. If you don't believe you can look it up. It is kind of creepy though. 

This is an awesome tree. Need I say more. 

Here is the view out into the world from the forest.  Yep it was pretty magical. 

Here is one of the suspension bridges. Not going to lie I definitely felt like I was hanging out in the Swiss Family Robertson tree house. That was such a sad day in history when Disney turner their tree house into Tarzan's....Not cool Disney, not cool. 

Here is the first pool off of the water fall. 

This is Alyssa (on the right) and Jeni and Kyle at the pool that we choose to take our swim break at. Mark and Sam did not adventure with us this day, they went to beach and then drank way too many jin and tonics at the hostel. 

This little dude is a poisonous dart frog. I didn't pet him either. 

Here's Jeni and I at the "natural shower".

This little guys is super neat. There were tons of them. And they are called Jesus Christ lizards because they an walk on the water. It is super cool to watch their little webbed feet scurry across a flowing stream. 

And well this is just a pretty picture. It was super nice because inside the forrest it was nice and cool. 

After our hike we had a nice lunch that was prepared for us. It was pretty cool that cost of our entrance into the forrest included lunch. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Little Trip to Manuel Antonio

Lots of apologies for vanishing from blogging. You know some days you just wake up and you are like oh my gosh I should put pictures up and be super productive and share my little story with my loved ones and then you sit down and two hours later all you have to show is the 100s of things you pinned on Pinterest. Well that has been the story of my life for quite a few days. Being on vacation from school has taken all of my energy out. 

But I am back now!!!! So here is the first little bit about my trip to Manuel Antonio. So a small group of us Mark, Sam, Jeni, Alyssa, Kyle (alyssa's boyfriend) and me went on a weekend trip. Courtney and her friend Alex, who was visiting from the states, met up with us on their way back from a trip to Nicaragua. Kyle was also visiting from back in DC for the weekend. So it was quite the adventure. 

Manuel Antonio is a national park on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. 

photo source:

What is super neat about this park is that after walking through the rainforest portion you end up walking right into the pacific ocean. 

After our 3 and a half hour bus ride from San Jose we got settled in out hostel where Jeni, Mark, Sam and I had our own room. Oh yes with bunk beds!!!! The bust ride wasn't that bad, plus the snack stand that we stopped at had the best gummy sour watermelons ever!!! So good! Sad note though was the bus definitely did not have air conditioning. To say it was a bit toasty, is a bit of an understatement governor! We immediately dropped our bags at the hostel and walked down (it was really more like a trek) to find this little beach that was outside of the park and full of middle aged white haired Americans. But you know I am pretty used to hanging out with my white haired papa. 

This was the awesome view from our hostel. It had a really nice balcony filled with hammocks and comfy chairs. Only let down was that apparently continental breakfast means toast here in Costa Rica. Toast, it just really isn't the same as you know pancakes, fruit and bacon...BACON!!!!! 

Yep that is me chilling in a hammock. Well more like those are my footsies. It is interesting I never really thought of myself as a hammock person. Mainly cause it is pretty much impossible to look cute while getting out of a hammock, IMPOSSIBLE. But I have come to seriously love them. The best is if you can get someone to sit buy you and just have them give you a little push with their foot every five minutes. That my friends is called perfection!!! And yep that is the ocean in the distance. 

At the park we saw lots of monkeys. But I will tell you about those later and our visit to the park. I can't smush all the fun into one post, now can I?

We ate at some really good restaurants while we were there. And this is my favorite use of a Voss water bottle ever. If you do not know what Voss water is please stop whatever you are doing and go ahead and pop some popcorn, grab some licorice, put your feet up and watch the amazingness called A Cinderella Story. 

One morning Jeni and I went out for breakfast just the two of us. And we were given these precious little pots of tea for our tea. And somehow accidentally ended up ordering ice coffee while we were paying. Luckily you know I don't mind when things get lost in translation and i end up with a yummy treat to take with me. 

And this my friends will probably go down as the greatest traffic sign in history. I mean there is so much to look out for creepy looking children, dogs, SLOTHS and monkeys. That is a lot!!!! 

I will put up posts on our adventure in Manuel Antonio National Park and our adventures kayaking in the mangroves and going to this awesome place called Rainmaker. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Off on a Trip

he he he see I am using that fancy scheduling thing....
you wouldn't even know it if I hadn't told you. 

Yesterday a few of us left to go an adventure for a couple of days that we have off in between classes. 

I will tell you all about it when I return. Pictures included. 

Oh we are going to Manuel Antonio. I don't actually know what is there, but by the time I get back I will and I will share my finds with you.