Monday, February 18, 2013

Walking to School

In elementary school from kindergarden through third grade I walked to school every single day. I walked down my driveway up my street past two houses and then turned left and voila I was at school. It didn't take much time, maybe just a few minutes but that is because my elementary school is literally behind my house. And I haven't walked to school since. 

But two weeks ago on one of our days off in between courses two of the girls from my program Christy and Cassie and I decided to walk to five miles up hill (literally) to school. We wanted to go for a long walk and figured that walking to school would allow us to finish up with a cool drink and we could take the buses down from school back to two. Cause walking one way is adventurous but ten miles that is just insanity. Plus it is one of those roads that is seriously up hill both ways (I swear that is not a dramatization. 

The nice part about this little walk that we went on is that after about the first mile or so there is a waterfall. So we stopped and did some minor rock climbing (sounds much more intense then it really was) and we hung out by the water fall. 

Here are a few pictures of our little adventure. 

Cassie and Christy 


Here is a little glimpse of the water fall. 

Here is where the waterfall drains into. 

P.S. this past week I finished my Open Water SCUBA diver certification! But I will tell you all about that later, don't want to overwhelm you with too much consistent blogging in one day. 

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