Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrift Shop

photo source: fashionatliberty.com

So I have had a thing for white rappers since elementary school when Eminem made his way into my life. Now there is something that I find absolutely silly about the whole thing and I am definitely now a fan of all rap music. But recently I have developed a strong obsession for the magic behind the strong thrift shop. 

To begin with if you haven't heard the song yet or sing the music video made by the musical geniuses Macklemore & Ryan Lewis please do so immediately. You can find it here.

Did you listen to it? Did you love it?? If you didn't, shame on you. But don't judge to quickly, why don't you listen again and this time maybe stand up and let yourself dance a bit. Everything is better when you dance ; )

Okay now do you love it?? Oh good. I am so glad you do. Not I continue on my silly ramble, yay!

SO my homeboys (yes they are my homeboys, they just don't know it yet) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis didn't just make one great song, nope they made a bunch.

photo source: 8tracks.com

I am obsessed with their album The Heist.

 I like to listen to it in the morning while I am eating my breakfast. It isn't your everyday rap and then the best part is there is a song criticizing everyone saying that it is something different, something special. Lots of the songs are about real things, real struggles, addiction, religion, same sex relationships and nike shoes. It sounds like a silly conversation but it is all real. Maybe I am not explaining it right. Am I?Any who right now it is my jam and I wanted to share it with you!

photo source: popdust.com

Macklemore on the left and Ryan Lewis on the right. Now Ryan Lewis here makes me feel like I am failing at life. He is only one year older than me and he produces all of the beats, the music videos, does all of the photo shoots and DJs all of the live shows. Wow!!! The boy has talent, just wishing he would share a bit with me, cause we all know I am not musically gifted (and yet I keep singing).

Happy Tuesday!!!!

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