Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So once upon a time

I promised that I would give you a tour of my home...and if you remember it never happened....Well it is happening NOW!!!! That is right NOW! So here you go my friends a look into Casa Roja. Also called the "Embassy" formerly the "African Embassy" apparently a bunch of African students from UPEACE use to live here. 

My address is 800 meters north of the cemetery on the right, Ciudad Colon. 

So we are going to do this tour in two steps. First post will be a collection of photos from the outside of my house. Pretty much I am just prolonging this process... 

Here is the view from our grand room (oh yeah we have that fancy open concept that everybody is hootin and hollerin about on HGTV) to our deck and backyard. And yeppers we do have a hot tub. But you know what the problem with a hot tub is....the cabinet full of chemicals and the responsibility to actually use those you know when the water starts turning a funny color and all...not that it has..but it definitely might. 

This is what the back of our house looks like deck and all. The big window on the right is where my bedroom is. So I have a pretty nice view in the morning. 

This is the side of our house. It really is more orangeish than red. At least that is what I think. 

And this is the front entrance to our house. We definitely hang our drying clothes out here in the front too. 

And these are the other two houses on our compound (there is that icky word again). The one on the left is where the property managers live. Very different from our landlords. The property managers clean up the leaves in the yard, the landlords are the people we call to fix our internet. They are also super nice, they picked Courtney and I up from the airport when we first got here and took us to the grocery store. 

So there you go. This is my little peace of paradise here in Costa Rica. Photos from the inside are soon to come. 

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