Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Music Tuesday

So last weekend I mentioned that I was slightly obsessed with the movie Safe Haven and extremely disappointed that I can't actually watch cause apparently Costa Ricans do not like sappy love stories (that might be a massive generalization but you know I am still a little upset about it). But in the absence of being able to watch the movie I have become obsessed (even more so) with the soundtrack. It is really good music to listen to while doing homework or while just doing miscellaneous things. It is also good stuck on a bus for two and a half hours on the way back from a field trip music (I mean this and Macklemore). I personally love music from movie soundtrack because it is such good background music (I mean that is what it is used for in the movies) and it is usually slightly filled with emotion. Some of my favorite soundtracks are from The Holiday, We Bought A Zoo, and the Last Song. The first two are composed. The Holiday is courtesy of Hans Zimmer who I am a big fan of in general.  

One song that has stood out to me is Ben Howard's (he is a brit by the way, which just makes it all the better) song Keep Your Head Up. It just has a nice sound to it, and who doesn't like motivational words. 

This is the album cover. 

And here he is (yep this is getting creepy you would think that I actually know him, but yep I don't. In fact I don't think I know anyone famous...that is slightly disappointing...hmm maybe one day).

Here is a link to his music video for the song Old Pine. Check it out and fall in love. 

Did you love it??? Cause I sure did! And yep this is usually how it words, one obsession leads to another. By the way how you ever noticed what a creepy word obsession is. It really instantly makes me think of a creepy old man staring into a strangers window (yep I have definitely watched to many episodes of Criminal Minds). You know it is kind of like the word compound, it instantly makes me think of cults and the Jonas Brothers. Which is weird to say cause I technically live on a compound. . . 

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