Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Date

We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to volcano. Which was really beautiful and I will post pictures soon. If you think of it though it is also kind of a bad idea I mean depressed single people on Valentine's Day hot steaming open crater in a volcano....Just saying...But luckily we only had happy single people on our trip. 

So I spent my Valentine's Evening doing some laundry, making fresh beans and rice, watching some really cheezy movies on Netflix (thank you Disney Channel and Lifetime Movie Network) and hanging out with my favorite backyard friends, the monkeys.  There are about seven or so monkeys that live in our backyard. 

They like to swing from tree to tree. 

Some times they need to take a break and eat a little something. Now the sweet naive thing that I am I thought for sure this little guy here, let's call him Freddie, was taken a nice little break from swinging to stop and eat a banana. Because if there is nothing else I learned from Curios George, it is that monkeys love bananas. 

But see if you look a little Freddie eating a banana...oh no...sweet little Freddie is biting the head off of an IGUANA!!!!! Yep they live in our backyard too. Not sure how cute Freddie is eating a headless iguana. What do you think??? Now there was a picture with iguana blood dripping out of his mouth but I decided that was a little bit much for all of your innocent eyes. 

Don't worry it was traumatizing for me too when I looked back at my photos and zoomed in and expected to see a banana in Freddie's hands and saw a tail and four legs instead. Yep I spent my Valentine's Day with a couple of killers. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day and spent it giving all of your loved ones giant hugs and fairy kisses. 

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