Thursday, February 28, 2013

My new best friend

Jennifer Lawrence. 

Okay so she isn't really my new best friend (I already have a few of those). I mean she doesn't even know me. But I think we would be super good friends!!!! I mean we are kindred spirits. 

One she is just straight up awesome. 

Two anybody who falls on their way to walk up the steps to accept their Best Actress Oscar and still looks this glamours is just super cool. If you don't know what I talking about what the video here

Three she is absolutely hilarious in interviews. Yep this is what I spend my free time doing in Costa Rica, I watch videos of celebrities making funny comments in interviews. Here you go. 

Also I want her entire wardrobe!!!!!!!!! Seriously!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So once upon a time

I promised that I would give you a tour of my home...and if you remember it never happened....Well it is happening NOW!!!! That is right NOW! So here you go my friends a look into Casa Roja. Also called the "Embassy" formerly the "African Embassy" apparently a bunch of African students from UPEACE use to live here. 

My address is 800 meters north of the cemetery on the right, Ciudad Colon. 

So we are going to do this tour in two steps. First post will be a collection of photos from the outside of my house. Pretty much I am just prolonging this process... 

Here is the view from our grand room (oh yeah we have that fancy open concept that everybody is hootin and hollerin about on HGTV) to our deck and backyard. And yeppers we do have a hot tub. But you know what the problem with a hot tub is....the cabinet full of chemicals and the responsibility to actually use those you know when the water starts turning a funny color and all...not that it has..but it definitely might. 

This is what the back of our house looks like deck and all. The big window on the right is where my bedroom is. So I have a pretty nice view in the morning. 

This is the side of our house. It really is more orangeish than red. At least that is what I think. 

And this is the front entrance to our house. We definitely hang our drying clothes out here in the front too. 

And these are the other two houses on our compound (there is that icky word again). The one on the left is where the property managers live. Very different from our landlords. The property managers clean up the leaves in the yard, the landlords are the people we call to fix our internet. They are also super nice, they picked Courtney and I up from the airport when we first got here and took us to the grocery store. 

So there you go. This is my little peace of paradise here in Costa Rica. Photos from the inside are soon to come. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Music Tuesday

So last weekend I mentioned that I was slightly obsessed with the movie Safe Haven and extremely disappointed that I can't actually watch cause apparently Costa Ricans do not like sappy love stories (that might be a massive generalization but you know I am still a little upset about it). But in the absence of being able to watch the movie I have become obsessed (even more so) with the soundtrack. It is really good music to listen to while doing homework or while just doing miscellaneous things. It is also good stuck on a bus for two and a half hours on the way back from a field trip music (I mean this and Macklemore). I personally love music from movie soundtrack because it is such good background music (I mean that is what it is used for in the movies) and it is usually slightly filled with emotion. Some of my favorite soundtracks are from The Holiday, We Bought A Zoo, and the Last Song. The first two are composed. The Holiday is courtesy of Hans Zimmer who I am a big fan of in general.  

One song that has stood out to me is Ben Howard's (he is a brit by the way, which just makes it all the better) song Keep Your Head Up. It just has a nice sound to it, and who doesn't like motivational words. 

This is the album cover. 

And here he is (yep this is getting creepy you would think that I actually know him, but yep I don't. In fact I don't think I know anyone famous...that is slightly disappointing...hmm maybe one day).

Here is a link to his music video for the song Old Pine. Check it out and fall in love. 

Did you love it??? Cause I sure did! And yep this is usually how it words, one obsession leads to another. By the way how you ever noticed what a creepy word obsession is. It really instantly makes me think of a creepy old man staring into a strangers window (yep I have definitely watched to many episodes of Criminal Minds). You know it is kind of like the word compound, it instantly makes me think of cults and the Jonas Brothers. Which is weird to say cause I technically live on a compound. . . 

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Day

So this morning our class started late so Valerie and I walked the five miles uphill to class just to get some good old exercise in. 

Also I found this super cute vest on Pinterset (where else???) It is perfect it has pockets, and it is herringbone and it has a hood. But you know what the one main problem is it is $460. Say what!!!!! Why would it cost that much that makes no sense. I mean I understand nice and expensive clothes. But it is a vest. It doesn't even have sleeves, it really only keeps you half warm. It is like half a jacket therefore it should cost much less than a jacket not more. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


You know when you have those moments when a giant lightbulb goes off in your head??? Well yep I just had one. I just realized that I can actually schedule posts in advance...What!!???? I know you are shocked to. Well guess what this means?? When I feel like blogging I can blog like crazy!!!! And when I don't feel like blogging you will never know cause they will magically appear. Muhahah (yep that was my attempt at an evil laugh...I am still working on it. 
Plus you know it is really hard to type sounds.) 

P.S. Will someone please go see the movie Safe Haven and then tell me minute by minute what happens. Colored pictures as visual displays would help to. I really really really want to see it. But you know what came out here on Valentine's Day not the cheesy romantic Nicholas Sparks movie, oh no....Die Hard. Yep the new Die Hard movie and you know I love Bruce Willis he is just great but it just isn't the same and true love. So please friends let me live vicariously through you. 

Thrift Shop

photo source:

So I have had a thing for white rappers since elementary school when Eminem made his way into my life. Now there is something that I find absolutely silly about the whole thing and I am definitely now a fan of all rap music. But recently I have developed a strong obsession for the magic behind the strong thrift shop. 

To begin with if you haven't heard the song yet or sing the music video made by the musical geniuses Macklemore & Ryan Lewis please do so immediately. You can find it here.

Did you listen to it? Did you love it?? If you didn't, shame on you. But don't judge to quickly, why don't you listen again and this time maybe stand up and let yourself dance a bit. Everything is better when you dance ; )

Okay now do you love it?? Oh good. I am so glad you do. Not I continue on my silly ramble, yay!

SO my homeboys (yes they are my homeboys, they just don't know it yet) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis didn't just make one great song, nope they made a bunch.

photo source:

I am obsessed with their album The Heist.

 I like to listen to it in the morning while I am eating my breakfast. It isn't your everyday rap and then the best part is there is a song criticizing everyone saying that it is something different, something special. Lots of the songs are about real things, real struggles, addiction, religion, same sex relationships and nike shoes. It sounds like a silly conversation but it is all real. Maybe I am not explaining it right. Am I?Any who right now it is my jam and I wanted to share it with you!

photo source:

Macklemore on the left and Ryan Lewis on the right. Now Ryan Lewis here makes me feel like I am failing at life. He is only one year older than me and he produces all of the beats, the music videos, does all of the photo shoots and DJs all of the live shows. Wow!!! The boy has talent, just wishing he would share a bit with me, cause we all know I am not musically gifted (and yet I keep singing).

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Walking to School

In elementary school from kindergarden through third grade I walked to school every single day. I walked down my driveway up my street past two houses and then turned left and voila I was at school. It didn't take much time, maybe just a few minutes but that is because my elementary school is literally behind my house. And I haven't walked to school since. 

But two weeks ago on one of our days off in between courses two of the girls from my program Christy and Cassie and I decided to walk to five miles up hill (literally) to school. We wanted to go for a long walk and figured that walking to school would allow us to finish up with a cool drink and we could take the buses down from school back to two. Cause walking one way is adventurous but ten miles that is just insanity. Plus it is one of those roads that is seriously up hill both ways (I swear that is not a dramatization. 

The nice part about this little walk that we went on is that after about the first mile or so there is a waterfall. So we stopped and did some minor rock climbing (sounds much more intense then it really was) and we hung out by the water fall. 

Here are a few pictures of our little adventure. 

Cassie and Christy 


Here is a little glimpse of the water fall. 

Here is where the waterfall drains into. 

P.S. this past week I finished my Open Water SCUBA diver certification! But I will tell you all about that later, don't want to overwhelm you with too much consistent blogging in one day. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Date

We celebrated Valentine's Day by going to volcano. Which was really beautiful and I will post pictures soon. If you think of it though it is also kind of a bad idea I mean depressed single people on Valentine's Day hot steaming open crater in a volcano....Just saying...But luckily we only had happy single people on our trip. 

So I spent my Valentine's Evening doing some laundry, making fresh beans and rice, watching some really cheezy movies on Netflix (thank you Disney Channel and Lifetime Movie Network) and hanging out with my favorite backyard friends, the monkeys.  There are about seven or so monkeys that live in our backyard. 

They like to swing from tree to tree. 

Some times they need to take a break and eat a little something. Now the sweet naive thing that I am I thought for sure this little guy here, let's call him Freddie, was taken a nice little break from swinging to stop and eat a banana. Because if there is nothing else I learned from Curios George, it is that monkeys love bananas. 

But see if you look a little Freddie eating a banana...oh no...sweet little Freddie is biting the head off of an IGUANA!!!!! Yep they live in our backyard too. Not sure how cute Freddie is eating a headless iguana. What do you think??? Now there was a picture with iguana blood dripping out of his mouth but I decided that was a little bit much for all of your innocent eyes. 

Don't worry it was traumatizing for me too when I looked back at my photos and zoomed in and expected to see a banana in Freddie's hands and saw a tail and four legs instead. Yep I spent my Valentine's Day with a couple of killers. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day and spent it giving all of your loved ones giant hugs and fairy kisses.