Friday, January 18, 2013

The Beach

This past Sunday most of the people in our program went on our first Costa Rican adventure!!! And why yes it did involve crocodiles!!!!!

We decided to adventure out to one of the nicer close beaches, which is about two hours away and did involve waking up at 530 am to get on a bus at 6am. What can I say its the beach which is so much more important than sleep.  

On our way to the beach we stopped at a fairly normal looking bridge which had this view in the distance 

And had a nice little island in the middle filled with these guys 

I thought it was best not to pet them.... I think you would all agree. After we stopped to see these little guys sun bathing we ventured on to the beach. It was a nice day we spent most of our time hanging out on the sand and venturing into the warm salty water of the pacific. It still amazes me that it is the same pacific i left just a few weeks ago. For a bunch of the group it was their first time dipping their toes into the pacific, I think it made a good impression. While we were at the beach we stopped at a little shack to have brunch, I ended up having the most amazing banana bread french toast, might just be the best in the world. Interestingly enough it was made by a Canadian who has been living in Costa Rica for seven years, sounds like an okay life ; ),

Here are a few pictures from our day!! It was quite a magical place to be. So much beauty in the world. 

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