Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Costa Rica!!!

   So I have safely arrived in Costa Rica and have now been here for 24 hours. I have a feeling each day will definitely lead to many new adventures. Our first meal consisted of kraft mac and cheese, popcorn and special k cereal. Our landlords picked us up from the airport and we stopped at the grocery store in our overwhelmed post flight trip those were the things we recognized and figured we cook the easiest and with the least ingredients.  Today my roommate Courtney (she is also in the NRSD program) and I spent and hour trying to find the grocery store, which is only 20 minutes from our house, we most definitely walked in a few circles. This allowed us just enough time to get sunburned, yay!! The first of many I am sure.
    Tomorrow we are going on a hike as part of our orientation at the University for Peace where we will be attending school.
   Our house is very nice and spacious (pictures to come) and it has a natural alarm clock (monkeys!!!! they are nice and loud and so far they seem to think that I really should be awake at 6 am, not so sure that I agree with them on that matter).

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