Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So here at UPEACE are classes are in blocks. So right now I am taking a class on Food Sovereignty and hunger. The other great thing about UPEACE is that we have field trips, like over night field trips to really cool places. This time around we left bright and early (6 am last Monday morning) to head to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Why is this important because if you were unaware of Costa Rica's position in the world it is in Central America (still part of North America) and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Ocean on the other. We headed over to the other side (Ciudad Colon, where I live is slightly closer to the Pacific) to visit a Dole Banana plantation and a Pineapple Plantation as well. We also visited a chocolate production but really it was just eco-tourism through a rainforest where they give you samples of chocolate (so in my book it does not count). So here are some photos and thoughts from my time spent hanging out with a lot of bananas (pineapples to come later, cause one can only handle one fruit at a time).

 Here is Don Carlos our wonderful banana tour guide (and yes the Dole pineapple plantation has a tour guide). He gave us a nice little run down of the history of bananas, they are definitely not native to Costa Rica and like most things they were brought here when development of the railroad began. He is holding a younger banana tree. 

This is what a bunch of banana really looks like when it comes off the tree. 

 In order for the bananas to make it from the tree to the processing plant they take a little train ride. The bananas get covered in plastic and have special rubber padding in between them for transportation to make sure they don't get bruised. 

 Then the bananas take a little bath and get all cleaned up before they get sent our way.

And here are a few of the bananas getting ready to be boxed up and shipped out. The bananas that are singles are most likely going to schools. So there is a really good chance that if you buy a Dole banana that it came somewhere from Costa Rica. 

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